I watched the Solar Eclipse with my bare eyes and this is what happened!

Father Sun and Mother Moon are organic, so why would these celestial embodiments cause harm to look upon during an eclipse? No, instead they will bring forth the most ethereal healing you will feel in your life! This is what Divine Mother and Father have been telling us for years through our communications. I had yet to see a solar eclipse with my eyes this life, and now I have, during the April 8th, 2024 total solar eclipse!

I will walk you through what both the physical and energetic eyes transform into during this divine process of looking at a solar eclipse with your bare eyes.

At the beginning process of these two divine embodiments merging together I did wear regular sunglasses, but only because looking at the sun when it is at its brightest peak is too hard for the physical eyes to do. Not because this Source light will harm, just that this light is too bright to look upon. As these two bodies of the sun and moon were at the closest of merging together, I was able to take off my sunglasses and look upon them both at their most penetrated form as one. And, this is what happened:

I felt Divine Mother and Father in the most harmonic, nirvana, blissful infinite love! As when one returns to Source Love-Light, and you don’t want to leave, because you are home. This infinite love, of the dark of the new moon, and light of the fullness of the sun, then shot through my physical eyes, like rays of lights impregnated by the light codes of Creation. As this light ray entered my eyes it shot through my pupil and into my iris, which then reached ultimately the optic nerve which connects to all the nerves who then communicated to my entire being. Explaining to us the perception of the physical eyes, and why one can experience pain even before the impact has happened, because the optic nerve connecting to our entire neurological system speaks to us even prior. I watched from within me a crystalline climax occur that spread to all my body by the image shown below of how the physical eyes optic nerve connects to all nerves, becoming a bridge to our organs and body parts, and then this crystalline energy dispersed into all these sacred parts of my body, achieving completion when reaching all strands of my DNA, including those strands that were dormant and ready to be awakened and activated. 



This celestial ray of light brought back crystallization into my entire body and essence. After reaching all parts of my physical body, so too did this wave reach all physical glands which make up my third eye, first entering my thalamus gland the sight, spreading into both the pineal and hypothalamus, dispersing then into the Cave of Brahma/third ventricle, flowing down into the pituitary and the medulla oblongata, finalizing disbursement into the corpus callosum gland. When all glands within the brain had reached highest fulfillment of the celestial light there was then a disbursement of plasmic, crystalline, rainbow light that then shot into the entirety of the nerves reached through the optic nerve within the eye.

Now, think of the infinite potentials your third eye can reach when reaching this level of celestial activation. Both my physical eyes and third eye are now seeing in a brighter more colorful spectrum of light...



This also explains to us the phenomena of how leaves of the shadow of the trees, turn into mini eclipses, as this celestial energy is dispersing into the nerves, veins on the leaves, showing us a glimpse into what the eyes of the trees are seeing, as shown in the image below.


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P.S. Now we know why they tell us not to look at the eclipse, “That you will go blind”. Fyi: amazon eclipse glasses have been recalled for causing harm instead. 

For legal purposes: Aurora is not a licensed physician, please see your Doctor for health concerns.

All written literature within this article are rights reserved and copyright by Rising Phoenix Aurora INC.


  • Sheff

    Thank you so much.

  • Cheryl Evanoff

    It seems to me that this is why they tell us not to look at the eclipse directly because we would miss out on something as wonderful and cosmic as you experienced.

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