Eradication of The Virus



We are the Galactics. Written 5/6/2020.

Within your time and space the a.i. man-made virus Coronavirus has been eradicated from your collective because it is you who decided this. As your love and strength is outweighing the FEAR now. We have heard you, felt your strength, and seen your lights become brighter daily by regaining your sovereignty. Your Galactic soul families have worked within you every night before and since this covid-19 launch, working in your DNA structure to be immune to it. One of the reasons that you felt an increase of exhaustion this year, as your body is and has been going through a transformation.

As we have channeled prior, this is the year of the greatest awakening Earth has ever seen. Therefore this fake virus was created knowing that your immune system would be low due to the radioactive frequency that 5G is emanating out encircling the world. To distract you from the 5G hazards upon your DNA structure. So that they could try to slow the process of awakening that has already been played out in your positive timeline of earth. Using those that are not awakened FEAR to be their battery source to power their corrupted plan. They underestimated your power and strength because it is not working.

When you receive a shot they are bioengineered to target strands with your DNA structure that will tear apart and cause abnormalities within you. Which in tern causes illness. When they give you shots they also contain nano implants/chips that are intelligent that have a downloaded program that targets your strongest energy points to maintain your energy levels and vibrations low. This is the thing though, when these implants/chips constantly are bombarded with your love light forcefields they become dull little by little that they become expired. Therefore the only way to get more chips into you is to push agendas of immunization, flu, supposed covid-19 vaccinations. This is the easiest way to lower your love light through nano implants/chips.

Those who run the world with their money thought that they would have vast numbers but they realized fast that Earth's people had been worked on vastly as they slept that they could not produce the numbers sufficient to prove their FEAR agenda through their supposed contagious Coronavirus.

Social distancing, HA! They are just trying to not allow your auric love light fields to come close enough to raise the frequency of the earth. Face masks they are ensuring that you do not receive enough oxygen in so that you won't be able to relax enough and go into a theta brainwave of relaxation connecting to your soul/Higher self. Coronavirus, Corona=Crown in latin. Black magic being used to cloud your divine connection to your infinite source love light that enters through your crown... They make these clues so obvious to us.

They came up with all that they could creating hotlines that ask you about your symptoms and if they are close enough you are logged in as being positive. Using a false reading test that will have a higher percentage of testing positive due to having an already flu or immunization shot prior. They are losing hold rapidly and need to fill in their numbers with false numbers. The statistics are there for you to find. If this virus is deadly then why are they faking deaths and adding deaths that are not real.

They are in FEAR and you are what they FEAR. Because you are awakening so rapidly that they can no longer control you, and your love light will transmute them!

We honor, love you and respect you!


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