The Galactics, Aurora🔥 Written 5/30/2020.

Throughout this transmission we have linked videos that confirm some of what is communicated here, you may view these by clicking on the underlined words. The different communications through this 'Galactic News' are based upon why you should think of not allowing to be tested or diagnosed for Covid-19. In this time and space, we are choosing to communicate to you by bringing some of the pieces of the puzzle of the collaborations of the truth seekers.  

What is Contact Tracing? This is a job position that has been formed to monitor humans during this 'supposed' infectious time. Where if you have tested positive, a 'hired tracer' is going to do research on you and monitor you. What if this is your neighbor? WHY would this ever be allowed or why would you ever give CONSENT to this?!

Does this not remind us of the way the beautiful Jewish people were monitored and segregated ultimately for vile human testing? For an agenda that is for the feeding of dark magic and for the dark entities that have been controlling this Earth for 1,000's of years. Ultimately, our silence costed millions of Jewish lives because no one questioned this. Instead, they fell in line with the direction of the corrupted tyrant illuminati leaders. 

Once you have tested positive the contract tracers are able to decide that if you don't have anyone, where your children can go to during the time that you are supposedly infected and start setting up for your children to go to foster care with strangers. Not knowing if they are pedophilic. As they would be part of this system that was made from an intent to use children for their sexual pleasures and black magic rituals. Keep in mind that these supposed kits have come back with false positives, like the President of Tanzania communicated to the public.

Why would they want to go to such efforts in monitoring you and your loved ones? It is so obvious it can be viewed as common sense. They are trying to repeat their false wars and violence creating separation to humanity. We know through our recent 'Channeling Galactic Guardian Inner Earth Adama' that the initial contact of the virus was through injecting it into the collective through the winter a.i. flu shot. To read more on this click here to read all the Galactic News.

Upon these legal documents through 'Contact Tracing' these are their statements, "It is very important that you comply with this request for voluntary quarantine. If you do comply with this request for voluntary quarantine we may use a detention order, enforced by the POLICE, to assure your compliance" WHAT?! Further legal documentations state that if you do not follow orders of being logged in their system as testing positive for Covid-19 they can be incarcerate you or fine you $2,000 a day!

Ultimately, their goal is to have your blood/saliva/hair samples to acquire your DNA structure so that they may look for the specific star seeds that are in the process of activating their infinite love light abilities. The easiest way they can trace lightworkers/star seeds is through their blood formations and crystallizations within it. Once they have found you, they now have the rights according to their twisted forms of approval to further monitor you.

The majority of UFO abductions through MILAB/Mk-Ultra and negative aliens began because they took the infants blood in the hospitals when birthed and saw it's crystalline light within it. They logged it in their negative technology database that is beyond anything you can think of as it is an android artificial intelligent Archon entity that sees all that it's allowed to. When you give consent to these types of testings on you and your loved ones by simply drawing your blood, you have created a negative contract which allows for further testing all your life until you come into the awareness of it and say "I DO NOT CONSENT"!

This is what everyone who allows to be tested is giving permission for, you and your family to be treated as a lab rat. Why should anyone have consent to have samples of your divine being, WHY?!

Why do they want the population at home in quarantine? To keep you away from the sun. The sun in the year of 2020 is at its greatest potency and power. What is the sun? It is the greatest representation and connection we have to refueling our Source love light, receive organic codes, upgrades to our 12 strand DNA building into the 13 DNA strand, and the greatest power of healing in this a.i. matrix. Same reason we have Bill Gates wanting to block out the sun with his negative technology. To hear more on the sun and details of some of what we have mentioned here, watch the video below. 

We have brave professional doctors, and nurses speaking up about the hospitals being empty, that the hospitals are getting paid $1,000's per person that they falsify as being a supposed Covid-19 death. We even have Geneticist's who worked for Fauci who had part in making these viruses, speaking upon the reason why. That these a.i. viruses were meant to be a form to depopulate and control the population of humanity. 

Different Government Leaders have explained that it is to save lives. TESTING, TESTING, TRACING... That it is for our safety, further programming brainwashing? What means do they have the right to do so. WE ARE NOT THEIR PROPERTY, even if they believe so, WE ARE NOT, we are sovereign free willed Divine Beings. When we begin to recognize and step into this frequency we begin to become this as the collective. "WE DO NOT CONSENT".


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  • Lisa S

    I realize in duality the dark plays its part BUT ENOUGH ALREADY. It feels like overkill, it;s just too much for too long. Even though there are soul contracts and past karma wrapping up it feels so dragged out… I am trying to be patient and spread the light, help to awaken people by dropping seeds but man, some people just don’t see it, they remain so unconscious.

    How many times have we as a humanity have done this? Everything they do or try to do to the general population (us) is a crime of humanity. It feels like they are trying too hard to accomplish their goal of darkness. I can’t imagine why people think it’s acceptable to rate people according to any scoring method for any reason whatsoever. financial, community compliance, medical reasons, etc….. I don’t like even like it for social purposes. As an example, I think a cast system is inhumane. All it does to a person is basically say to them: Your worthy or your not worthy. Can you imagine the feeling anyone would have to be rated, ranked, etc…. on a lower end from soemone else, maybe someone they know. How barbaric but people go along with it.
    It is so unacceptable; I don’t think people are really grasping what it does to us as a collective. It is a very dense, dark strategy of categorizing people like cattle.

    Why do people think we are of different races on our planet? WE ARE ALL THE SAME ONE. ONE RACE. (this may be a touchy subject for some but not for me because we are all the SAME, NOT DIFFERENT RACES. We just happen to have unique identifying markers on the outside of our Avatars as part of the individuality we have been given and the environmental factors our Avatars had to adapt to over years of living in one geographical location over another.

    And to think that torturing, sexually abusing and then murdering a child is acceptable because it’s for a God (Clearly not Source) is a topic I dare not comment in this posting but as for the people who do this, they may very well be under spells, dark soul swaps, things of this nature. I can’t understand how the general population refuse to believe, deny. or are too cowardly to see it for what it is and stand up for the children. Demand justice ( as of yrs and yrs ago)

    There is so much going on for Humanity at the end of this age of our evolution it can get overwhelming at times. As I understand it, the events unfolding and to come in our evolution are unique in the sense that humanity has never evolved in the manner we will.
    (this is why they scurry about so frantically, their time is limited, they are nervous and fearful, May they see the truth and come back home)

  • lzkcnqwcyt

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Beverly Robinson

    Very interesting

  • Lauren

    I read this last night and woke up early this morning with a memory from giving birth at the hospital in aug. 2018. After my easy zero complications birth they took a blood sample before they moved me to the recovery room. When I was in the recovery room they came back at least 2 times and took more blood like double the vials, they claimed they lost the blood. I kept asking if there was a problem or a health concern I needed to know about they said no. I thought it was odd at the time and the hospital even charged me for the extra blood draws which I fought and they gave the insurance co the refund instead of taking it off my bill. Anyways, I’m just re-remembering this now and think it is probably connected to your beautifully written post here. At least I know better now. Love to you and no fear, I do not consent to the NWO or any of the tests, tracing and control. I came here to bring heaven on earth not the opposite.

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