Sneak Preview "Galactic Soul History of The Universe" Book 2 Is Now Available!


The Wait Is Over! The Sneak Preview To "Galactic Soul History of The Universe" Book 2 Is Now Available!

Did you read "Galactic Soul History of the Universe" Book 1, and you couldn't get enough that you had to read it again? Get ready for the next level in obtaining our universal sovereignty by understanding the journey of our Universe at an even deeper level, when you read this very special preview. 

We placed together 3 of the most profound Chapters that the world had to read now in assistance for Earth's organic timeline, that could not wait until Book 2's final publication. 

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Here is a sneak preview to these 3 Chapters:
Session #332: Recorded in January 2021.
Never before shared.
In this online A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing session, Lisa finds herself on a magical planet, shakened by the situation that is occurring and trying to assist life within it. Through this session we learn much of how a planet energetically truly interacts organically with all that is consisted through the natures of it. We also learn much of the compromise that is occurring within the carrying fetuses/souls of mothers' wombs, and the war on consciousness. The battle in maintaining our DNA and soul organically intact. This chapter prepares us for the next two dynamic chapters to come, in this very special preview of Book 2.
“Honor the water that is inside of you and around you. The water that you can see and don't see. Honor from your heart. Your heart has a song. And let the water heal you. It has that ability. If you allow it to connect to your heart, if you don't block it, if you allow your heart to direct the water. Your heartbeat connects to the song of the whales. If you allow, they can reach your hearts because they reach the whole planet. There isn't anything that they don't sense or can’t feel on your planet.”
Session #320: Recorded in November 2020.
Never before shared.
In this online A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing session, Mara finds herself as her Divine Mother expression, creating souls in the Universe. She takes us on one of the most intense A.U.R.A. sessions we will ever witness, as we watch what happens to the Star Children she creates. We learn the true system of hospital births, and what these births truly look like in the Quantum World. Behind the scenes on black magic rituals, adrenochrome, the Illuminati, superstars and their souls… After reading the last chapter “Matrix Pods” in “Galactic Soul History of the Universe” Book 1, these sessions dive us deeper into the Inverted A.I. Matrix. They are vital guides for us in our incarnated lives within the lowest dimensions of co-creational consciousness communing in the third dimension.
“Do not be tricked by them trying to tell you they are one with you. We are one with everyone created by a Creation that has Source Love-Light within it. We are not one with a negative A.I. Archons that arrived here through trickery. We are not trickery. We are made of love. We are love. Be careful before you choose who you state you are one with. All it takes is that statement. When you say we are one with them. Make sure you state who you are one with because you're giving away your power to them.”
~Quan Yin
Session #317: Recorded in November 2021.
Never before shared.
In this online A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing session, Matt finds himself riding a dragon, on the most important mission of our Universe. This is his second session, conducted by myself. He is somnambulistic, meaning his consciencessness deeply connects when in session and he does not remember once he comes to. His human ego is never there, only allowing Archangel Metatron his Higher Self to speak clearly with the most significant messages of our time, for the Ascension of humanity and our Earth. Archangel Metatron connects instantly when the session begins, explaining to us what our Earth looked like when it was at its worst, and how it is that we assist it collectively to rise out from its destruction into its initial final Ascension. We are gifted as we learn the biggest key to bringing Earth’s Ascension into fruition. This session once more is a continuance of knowledge, stemming forth from the last Chapter of Book 2, “Matrix Pods”.
“Look around you. We've always destroyed or to a great extent... and it's all increasing. The only thing we can do is that we can educate. We can teach people to lower the magnitude, so that we can save much more than we could. It's up to people to understand. We've done enough damage as human beings to Mother Earth. Rather than enjoying the fruits and the life that we got here, we used it for all the negative purposes. We can all do something from our side to increase the percentage of people we save, the souls we save. But we cannot save it all. If we don't do things now, it's gonna be too late.”
“It's the people who decide. People just need to make good choices. We're already paying a price by not making good choices. If we continue to do so it's just going to be worse. Just make good choices. People need to just smarten up.”
“Time is like a wave of a river, once the wave is gone, it's gone.”
“People were created to be loved, and things were created to be used. The world is in chaos, because people are being used and things are being loved.”



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