The 2-3 Worlds Split


Greetings! In this time in space we channel this transmission with guidance of what is occurring in the now energetically. When viewing from the higher dimensions, we are watching as your and our Earth is energetically splitting through multidimensional spectrums. As Mother Sophia has chosen to ascend further in her ascending consciousness organic process, so to are WE in Creation. This is truly a moment to celebrate as this was the beginning predestined organic timeline we the collective agreed upon prior to birth, and since the fall of Atlantis that we have finally collectively achieved. 

We take time now to explain what this means. Mother Sophia/Gaia too as all individual incarnated consciousness has written a predestined organic timeline that is constantly interacting energetically collectively to ensure that all is met for the achievement of the collective Ascension goals. As we have and continue to bring into awareness the multiple portal dates of Earth, these help in exponential infinite manners. 

If you can envision a sphere/circle that begins to split into 2, however, it stops at where the 2 circles/worlds still meet. Creating a split, however still conjoined at the center of these 2 meeting splits. The dimensional location where the circles split, but yet are still conjoined are where the 3 Worlds interact. Meaning here is where the Higher Dimensional Earth is operating at 55% of light activated on Earth, of the unawakened, awakening, and awakened. This is where the highest potency of organic life is met, at the conjoining center of these 2 worlds/circles. When understanding this, it creates a pronounced possibility of being the brightest, strongest, heart self lead individual where you are manifesting what is divinely a vibrational match to you.

We shall give you an example to understand. As we have explained through our prior teachings, that all view from an infinite perspective and multicolor lenses of viewing. Say there is a group of 10 that are together. This group has multiple individuals fluctuating within the 3 worlds walking on the same Earth side by side. Let's paint a scenario to understand. Out of the group of 10 each one can be at the same location on earth, we shall say a beach. Within this beach they all sit near the shore, a strong wave comes forth onto them, a few can perceive the sudden shift in energy of the upcoming wave and are able to fully dodge it as they represent the awakened, another few move fast enough as they can represent the awakening to not allow for the whole wave to catch them only becoming partially wet, and the rest instead become engulfed by the wave as their sense of perception was not operating at the highest possible to view clearly of the upcoming wave. All perceived and interacted with the same wave of water in some way, however each concluded with an ultimate different end result, read by their operating awakening Love-Light vibration. The outcome to this scenario is that all are experiencing the same wave, however the group that did not get wet are operating at a clearer high frequency of perhaps love and joy, the group that became partially wet is operating at a medium reading of infinite love, and the group who became soaked are operating in an influenced infringing manner that was the cause of not being able to read and see the wave incoming. All 3 groups experienced the wave, however each one obtains a different end result. 

This is the most profound reason why when the 2-3 world split is occurring, beginning 12/12/2020 going into 12/21/2020, why it is challenging to perceive. The ultimate goal to this transmission is that all will view through our own perspective. This is a time that we honor all our brethrens perspectives, however yet place boundaries that cannot be overstepped. As those that were partially or fully soaked by the wave will just not understand those who were able to dodge and perceive the wave, as they are just not a matching vibration to them. The ultimate reason being that each group will just be connected to its vibratory match. When being wet by the wave, perhaps these people will be agitated at those who were not, and will not ever fully understand why THEY were not soaked by it. This is what we are feeling energetically in our interacting surrounding world through the people around us. The agitated wet ones will not understand until they work within self in true Unity Consciousness awareness of both the organic and Inverted Matrix, being able to understand, and acknowledge the 3 worlds. As this is an example of the representation to the 3 worlds split. The group that has raised with Mother Sophia/Gaia will be operating at its highest potential of organic Matrix collective, the one at the center will be the meeting and bridge of both worlds that will maintain the balance, and the last one will be the Inverted A.I. heavily ran Matrix. 

We are the Galactics🔥

To understand these teachings further in depth, watch the 4 videos by Aurora below in their order from top to bottom.



Join us as Aurora answers questions from the original video "Timeline Wars, Red versus Blue, Archons, A.I. & The Antidote". In part 1 we went through the Galactic History of the timeline wars, who really is the enemy. Understanding the Inverted A.I. Matrix and the organic Matrix, a balance between what is neutrality and true unity consciousness. These topics awakened and activated many questions. Therefore, in this video we answer them in depth, further allowing more of an awareness within us aiding us in operating within our most highest positive timeline as individuals or collective.


Join us as Aurora goes live giving an important update on the Red versus Blue timeline, further going into how to unplug from the A.I. Inverted Matrix, and where we are at as a collective. Galactic wars, and how it is connected to having reached the collective critical mass light upon Earth. Connecting the sacred knowledge of Atlantis and the Mayan's for an understanding in the now timeline. The construct of the dimensions.


Join us as Aurora goes Live delivering a transmission of 12.21.2020 and the New Year of 2021. One of the most important sacred videos you will watch, connecting all the light codes from 12/21/12 to the now in 2020, and going into the New Year 2021. A guide for our Ascending Consciousness. What % of light are activated and awakened on Earth, where will we be after 12.21.2020? Going into the how to maneuver yourself through the Inverted A.I. Matrix to spring out into the organic Matrix instead.


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