Sovereignty Phoenix Rising

AURA Hypnosis Healing Session 

Session #69: Recorded July 2018

A = Aurora (practitioner)

C = Client


The Phoenix The Golden Age

C: Chaos. The phoenix will never rise if there is no chaos. Never. Chaos brings people to their heart, it opens their heart. People work together, they help each other. It’s in chaos, it's in darkness that we find our strength.

A: Yes

C: So we can't shun our shadow, our shadow is the feminine. The shadow is the feminine. You can't bypass the feminine. With positivity, she's fire at the moment, she is the element of fire at the moment. She's coming strong as fire.

A: The Phoenix?

C: She's rising with fire, it's unbelievable! Her strength the ambers, its beautiful and destructive at the same time. Yes, she's speaking from the flames at this time. It's the flames inside, the confusion, the depression, flames inside that people are trying to put out. You can’t put out those flames! You have to let them burn! What no longer serves you has to be transmuted by this fire! You can't get away, you can't run from the fire, it's too powerful! It's not outside there, it's not in Hawaii, anywhere else it's burning. It's not there. It's inside every single heart, the flame is burning so brightly. You can't distinguish it with drugs, whatever man made anything. No, she's too strong. Yeah she's in the fire and it needs an open heart to be tamed. That’s the only thing that can tame the flames, is an open heart. (cries) If the heart is closed you get incinerated. (hard cries) incinerated completely! You won't know what hit you! Open the hearts, open the hearts, open the hearts, open the hearts! That's your key, that's your key! Flames will not consume you if your heart is open! Open your hearts, no matter what you go through! No matter the hardship no matter the pain. Keep your hearts open! Compassion for yourself first! Compassion for you, compassion for you first! Fill your hearts with compassion for yourself as a sovereign child. Your heart keep it open! No more, no more closing the heart! Can't close the heart now.

A: Why is it you speak of the Phoenix? Is that what's going on on Earth right now?

C: You can say it is what it is. It's the fire that is transmuting this Golden Age. This Golden age is being transmuted and rebirth by fire. 

A: Is that the only way?

C: No, but fire is the main element. There's other elements too. But you have to remember, Atlantis went down by water but this time its fire that is reigning, its dragon breath. 

A: Is this needed for the Golden Age?

C: Oh, yes, oh yes! We have to transmute. You can say it's a theme. You can call it, it's the theme of this Golden Age, its fire. So there will be chaos. It's the internal fires that need to be harnessed, and you will not be afraid of the external fires. Nooo. Because you will know there are there to transmute. Fire is the most powerful way to transmute. As the Phoenix rises, as the Dragons breath. It will breath all Fire, transmute, transmute! Whether it is a white flame, whether it's the fire its all flames. It's just like the sun, it's just fire, and that's why the sun is so active right releasing all this plasma. Allll. It’s all fire. The solar rays, it's all fire! All fire! All of them. Gamma rays, all of them it's just a different form of fire. 

A: Is it trying to transmute the people on Earth. Is that what is going on? 

C: Yes! The hearts, the hearts as I said. The forgetfulness, the programming. The fear, their darkness. It is time for fire! That's the closest I can find in your language. So, we are all just transmuting. All transmuting ourselves, transmuting the collective, transmuting the universe/multiverses. Yeah. It's beautiful, the fire, it's like a volcano. Afterwards the land is very fertile after a volcano. That's the same story. After the fire it has transmuted anything. Then, people remember they become fertile again so to speak, they remember who they are. So, it's just fire, there's nothing to fear. It’s just transmutation by fire. You ask, everybody asks. When is it coming, when is “The Event”, when is this… It's all fire. It's all an internal fire that you burn so bright. Yeah, it's burning the density. It's too dense for any other element. So, yeah. It's too dense, it's too dense. Everybody is doing their best. That is why the sisterhood, as I was talking. It's holding that flame within the group, lighting it and making it stronger and stronger. It can not be put out. 

A: What happens when there are divine feminine groups put together like this? Do the people who are trying to maintain these densities dense, do they target these groups?

C: It would be that they would try. But if there is strength in numbers you can't destroy it. If you are pulling it down is when they try to destroy it, because if there is unity it cannot be destroyed. If they are holding a group united in their own strength as individually as well in their group. Yes you don't know what to do. Yes tomorrow you might be wrong, today you might be right. There is no right, there is no wrong. It's just telling somebody you feel so get up let's keep moving, and that's the strength. Those ones that you give your hand to help them lift them up. Then they realize oh they are not alone and they will lift somebody else's hand and keep going and keep going. As the groups of women any feminine concept, it will, it's the power. It's like a generator.

A: When divine feminine are in a group it's like a generator?

C: Yes. 

A: Beautiful, so it's important that we as divine try to place groups together.

C: Yes, that heat, that energy, that vortex, yeah that's the power. It's like an engine, like an ignition. They ignite the strength within themselves and that becomes powerful and that has a ripple effect and someone somewhere else feels it too. It helps someone else when they are feeling down. Yeah, it's a powerful generator. 

A: For example say you have a group together how we were talking about the divine feminine or period humankind has been taught to be judgmental to allow for example to allow ego to out win them. Would you say that a group like this would work if people would remain in their hearts and not their ego.

C: Yes it works and I think ego has a bad rap. Because it's also serving as purpose and there is a positive and a negative. It's not all bad. Cause that ego can also drive that generator and power it too. Because you can all join as a collective for example let's do this and all of you agree a group of 10 people all agree on pulling their energies towards something. It's their ego that's driving that. Not the negative ego, the positive ego is what is driving that power. Cause when we put down ego in 1 box, it is bypassing itself, bypassing a very very importance that can help your evolution. It's that generator is your own, you have to remember the feminine is the shadow. When people say ego, most of them associate shadow with ego. So when you are putting all in 1 container the feminine is there in that container. Because she is rising through the shadow, she is not coming from the light, she is coming through the shadow. So when you are not listening you're not listening your ego can be her too and with discernment that you actually know which side to listen to. So, when you are in a group of women or men you can't lock your shadow in the closet. And you say that's the ego talking. You have to know which ego is talking. It's just like a car, the engine is working, everything is working together, the ignition, the brakes, the clutch, because everybody's evolution story is different. And it's in knowing that that generator might spark, it might trigger, I don't think there's no end. I don't think there's no end to trigger, it's a process. Maybe people have it wrong?  That the feelings go away, no you just learn how to control them. They don't control you anymore. You say “Oh I am jealous today, oh I wonder where that came from? I wonder what it is trying to tell me. Hmmmm, Hello!” You talk to it like you would your friend and find out what the message is. It's an aspect of yourself that needs to be looked at, and when you are in a group of people that are helping you see that without being judged. Then you can say, “I felt jealousy, I felt hatred there. I wonder?”

They all need to speak until you find a solution. That's the point of a group, it's not to tell “Oh your so jealous I am not hanging around with you.” Ok there are those you can tell them that if somebody knows and acknowledge that shadow aspect of themselves. It's not all perfect. It's imperfectly perfect, not perfect. 

A: I laugh because I was speaking of that yesterday, how I am a mirror to everyone and I love how imperfectly perfect they all are! I see no imperfections.

C: Nooo. And no one owes anything. When you walk the Earth knowing nobody owes you anything. Then you have no expectations and without expectations there is no disappointment. So nobody owes you anything, nobody owes us anything. You owe yourself everything, so when somebody hurts your feelings. You owe yourself to evaluate, walk away, talk it out, it's you owing yourself. They are just amplifying for you to see. Nobody owes us anything. The journey is difficult enough without owing people stuff. It is difficult enough without carrying anything on our shoulders. No, life changes when you realize that. Not a greeting, not food, not lunch, nothing. They are enhancing your life; they don't owe you anything. That's another form of control when we think people owe us something. Oh i did this you should do this, yeah that's control mechanism, you are trying to get away from. Everyone is a sovereign being, they don't owe you anything. We are here to enhance each other's journey. Make it better, make it worse how you react is your choice. It's all your own individual choice.

A: Thank you! As your messages I felt deep in my heart, as the messages you shared are also what I teach to others. It all resonated beautifully within my heart. 

Rise of The Sisterhood

C: Sisterhood is very important, women have to support other women. It is very very important they have to support each other. (small cries)

A: Yes.

C: And pull each other up not down.

A:  Yes we have been taught this from the minute we are born, taught to be envious, jealous, especially as females.

C: Oh yes, but that's lowering the frequency. Because you are all carriers, the female are carriers of the divine feminine. Whether they wish it or not. They have that responsibility to anchor her energy into the Earth.  

A: Yes.

C: And help each other to do that.

A: Do you have a message for the Divine feminine since you are AA Ariel?

C: Just to work together, build bridges together so that all of you can cross bridges together. And the masculine can rise up. The masculine cannot rise up if the feminine is feuding. You are space holders and being space holders you have to work together. There is no separation. Divine feminine you are the carriers. Embody that, heal the wounds of separation. The wounds of abandonment, the wounds, our ancestral wounds. So that all can stand together. As sisters and let the energy rise as it should. (Cries) That is so beautiful! It's so beautiful! When women work together the energy of the planet will change so drastically. They work together. They will set the example to the men. So if women are fighting? Then how do we expect the men to support us? It’s not going to work. It's a container we hold. If you could imagine a container being held by women, this golden container. It’s still trying to reach high up, but some are trying to pull it down. Example like a torch, and it's meant to reach higher and higher. The more hands lift up the higher it goes, and if others are dragging it down. It doesn't go any higher than that. It is stuck.

A: I know exactly what you mean.

C: It's like some are trying so hard, others are not ready but they will be in their time. But it's just working together not tearing each other down. That’s not the point of the phoenix rising. It’s the point of the fire. It's to transmute all that ego, separation. The negative ego, ego is not bad in that sense. It's the negative ego. Because there is a confusion in the so-called awakening confusion. Yeah there is a lot of confusion and a lot of hierarchy. There is a lot of ego, a lot of spiritual bypassing. Yes there is a lot. But it's all coming to the surface now. An example from the pan to the fire. So they work so hard to raise their frequency and they get  trapped in the negative ego back in the pan and they have to get themselves out again. And the process takes longer. 

A: Yes

C: So it's being aware, being discernment. Calling out on people. Calling somebody's bull sh** out. So they know they are going in the way side. Because sometimes people look, they know someone is doing something and they don't say anything. So that person thinks okay, what I am doing is fine. So if you call someone out in what they are doing and they don't listen. But you did what is right, you called them out on something. If they choose to ignore you, it's their choice. But you chose to go where you are treated better. So all that fighting. Yeah, as you know it's a program that has been going on. The trying the last breath in keeping the divine feminine in fighting each other and there's more, there're more who are awaken. There's more who are holding the torches steady. That nobody knows about that are doing their job, that are holding up the collective. 

A: Beautiful, thank you! You have brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for your words! You mentioned sisterhoods are important. Do you mean women joining together and rising together? Is that what you mean by that? 

C: Like a group say, forming a not a ritual but similar. Groups of women listening to each other without judgement. So that others can feel safe to open up and rise up and start reclaiming their sovereignty. Sovereignty is what we are here to remember. So when they are tearing somebody down, it means you are not remembering you are a sovereign being. And every soul is a sovereign being. So when you rise and every person remembers that they are sovereign. Then they can't, they can't be pulling others down, and if they do then they will correct themselves very fast. Because they know that this is a sovereign journey where you walk individually to make the collective stronger. We understand it's tough. But we all knew it was going to be tough. But it's the sisterhoods, groups of women starting a business, starting a meditation group, creating or whatever it is, prayer, singing, chanting. Without any agenda just to raise the frequency for each other, holding space for each other to be vulnerable. Hold space for each other to break down. Break your own barriers, break your own fear, collapse the system within yourself and then you will collapse the system outside yourself. But somebody is held in that safe space. It's ok for them to know that they can cry, they can be sad. They don't have to be positive all the time. No one is positive all the time. It's ok to be angry, it's ok to be sad, channel that anger and do something with it. React in a way that will help humanity. That will raise the frequency of the Earth. Everybody, everybody, the animals, plant kingdom, it's the responsibility in the women. It's a huge responsibility, it's huge, it's huge. But it's in the DNA, and is codified in the DNA. You already know what to do. Once that sisterhood happens the cresses are released. Happiness, joy, of course there will be chaos, but chaos will always be there, if you are looking for it you will find it.

A: Thank you! As your messages I felt deep in my heart, as the messages you shared are also what I teach to others. It all resonated beautifully within my heart. 

End of excerpt. 

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