Clients Responsibility and Liability Release - Kids Chat & Meditation

Clients Responsibility and Liability Release: 
By purchasing this session I am in agreement and allowing my children to be guided through relaxation, visual imagery, and/or stress reduction techniques. I am aware these modalities are non- medical in nature and it is my responsibility to consult my regular doctor about any changes in our condition or changes in my medication. I understand the above modalities are not substitutes for regular medical care and I have been advised to consult my regular medical doctor or health-care practitioner for treatment of any old, new, or existing medical conditions. Rising Phoenix Aurora is only a “facilitator”.
         Kids Guidelines:
Agree to speak nicely. Be supportive of other group members. Not to interrupt when someone is speaking. Keep mic muted when others are speaking. If anyone wants to meet with friends outside class times, it must be arranged through parents.(yes/no)
        Parents Guidelines:
Agree to observe from the background. Allow the child to speak freely without interrupting. Camera required. I will ensure to keep our video on at all times so that Spiritual Supervisors can ensure only children are attending within safety. Assist children in staying within group guidelines. Send constructive criticism through email at the after class has ended. One adult should be in the room with children to ensure all electronics are working properly, the student is meeting guidelines, etc. or once the teacher confirms. You may of course elect to stay in the background. (yes/no)

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