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Session #129: Recorded on March 2019

A = Aurora (Practitioner)

T = TeRa (client)


RA is explaining to Aurora how a Reptilian has been using humans to affect the clients life.

A: How does this work like the human consciousness here, are they aware that they are that Reptilian being?

T: Not mostly, they allowed him in, they welcomed him in, he promises them power over her. They are attracted to her power, they don't know why. Then he slowly sinks in through their own awareness or their spirits, their drinking spirits, their pain in the heart instead of healing it they allow him in. He's not the only one that does this. This happens when someone allows their energy to go so low. So below, so below grief and despair, they can either exit or be taken over and they use it for power. 

A: Yes, thank you for this information. You know I've been given this information so thank you as well. So would you say some of those people that we help out that have Reptilian consciousness is that what happened to them, they lowered like you explained for that consciousness to come in?

T: They have so much trauma and they allow the trauma to go into places of despair, drinking alcohol, anything that lowers them, even more, trying to escape it rather than feel it and honor it as its gift. And as soon as they get low enough they become vessels for others and they don't know it and these vessels for others are attracted to the light that is opening and awakening. It's almost as if when the Reptilian steps in they snip a cord in their brain, they snip it. And their empathy is gone. It's just gone, they don't have access. And the longer they allow it and less they fight the more attracted they are to it. And this is the same one that took her baby from her and it is taking her baby again.

A: What can we do about that RA?

T: She sends love every day and that's all she can do because this child also has her choice. The love she sends, the more she heals in her and the more it heals in her baby and her baby has a choice. We are working with the baby for this baby is powerful which is why it has two of them attached to her that we have unattached time and time again, but she keeps choosing. So it is with love and light, we allow her choice knowing that if she does not wake up this time, she'll come back. We will not lose her. She is in our protection. 

A: Now you said that sometimes people just go so deep and lose themselves so deeply that they can even be replaced. Can you tell me more about that?

T: It's as if they have gone so low, the spark of light within them cannot hold it any longer and simply-for lack of better language- walks out, walks out, just simply breathes out and the next one breathes in. Just like that, just within a breath.

A: The person could possibly do it in a, like they are not consciously doing it?

T: No they are not aware consciously, they have taken their consciousness to the lowest level of... they can't feel or think or understand anymore. I would assume it is what people call zombies these days. 

A: Then is it like a contract they make where they switch out?

T: Yes, nothing is done without that, they choose it. It is, they choose the promise of power, the promise of not feeling. And when they have had so much trauma that it feels like an option, and it is. It is not one we recommend. 

A: When that happens, does the person you could say, sell their soul away?

T: Yes, yes they do. 

A: What happens to their soul once it's say, removed?

T: It is still a light, they are still that light that remains and that light goes deeper into you will a hibernation, a holding while it experiences what it has to experience. The light remains the light while the other side of it remains the darkness. It experiences the darkness and it may take them many lifetimes, it may take them many excruciating journeys to choose again, to hold the light and to breathe in the light. And when they do the contract is over and they start learning about light again.

A: Yes, and what is the purpose of what do they gain about replacing a soul and going into the body, what benefits would they get out of being in that human body?

T: Oh they gain power over, they gain access to the bodies here, they gain the ability to shapeshift into the human form, to slightly become one of them, to infiltrate, to suck light, to... you know, people feel when their energy and light is being sucked, they feel it. They do and sometimes they willingly give it in the name of what they think is love or giving light. And sometimes they give too much, and when they give too much they become very sick until they realize that it is not what they're giving, they're not giving the proper thing. As if they were to give the light they would walk away knowing that that other entity has its own choice and it doesn't get to take your light, because your light is infinite. You can't, what you're giving it is not your light, it is a misrepresentation. You're allowing them to take energy for sure, yes, but your light you cannot give it, it is pure, it is always expanding and becoming, not emptying. That is what they gain is access to light. Access to light. 

A: OK. There have been people for example that are working in the light and they are part of the public light. For example, there is someone who was bringing out information for such a long time about angels and tarot cards and now supposedly she's renounced spirituality and now she is some kind of Christian.

T: This is the danger with, mmm I wouldn't say danger, this is the attraction if you will of the beings. They parade as beautiful light beings themselves because they have taken so much light. She was light, she was. I see that the ones that parade around her parade so much and take so much from her and confuse her and she chooses their power, their path of power, the path of power has taken so many. This is what Tera fell through first, she wanted the power to get her babies back and it's not possible that way, it is not possible that way. It is why she is losing her daughter again. She has to know, she can't get it back that way, she can't. Nobody can, you have to just breathe in more light then they are able to feel that light and become more of that light themselves, not take. This is what happened to many lightworkers, they become the light then they see the power of it and they use that for themselves rather than for a collective. They start creating their own way rather than listening. 

A: Yes, that's one of my roles that I, you as the RA are giving me bringing forth some of this information to people about you know how there are unfortunately some lightworkers that are using the light that they're giving them for their own purposes of service to self. It is hard if I can share with you. It's hard for me to share this because we are in the system where we want to be, of course, loving and allowing their free will however we are also in a system of, we need to be aware. 

T: Yes. This is beautiful, and this is why Tera was afraid of opening and this is why I brought her to you. I see how beautiful you are, I see how you give, I see your heart, thank you. And I see how this is a concern for you, yes, it is. 

A: Thank you. Yes, it is. 

T: Being aware of that feeling inside, we hear and we see and we feel and sometimes we go with what sees or looks good rather than what sounds good. And we go with what sounds good rather than what feels good. And when we can get all of them in alignment together that is when we know that we're going the right way. We see, feel, and hear it all. If one of those is off we must listen, this is a challenge. Because the other entities they sound good, they look good, sometimes it feels like they feel good but they do not. They do not. 

A: Yes, yes, that is one of my biggest things that I'm trying to teach others to look beyond the facade or what's in front of them or what they're saying. I have found in this time and space that there are so many lost following the supposed lightworkers and they're following a path of just darkness. 

T: It looks almost right, and sometimes that's what people are looking for, almost right. The religions have been almost right, almost right. There is beauty in all of them yes, yes. But again going back to making sure that looks, sounds, and feels good. All of that.

A: All of it. Great now great advice there and if I may say, was she one of those that was replaced?

T: I see that she's being replaced, she still has choice. She still is there, she still fights, she still fights. She has choice, yes. Her message is not correct though. Her message is, yes, her message is being spit out with darkness if you will. It is laced with the breath of darkness. 

A: Yes, there is a particular gentleman, I don't remember his name, I'm not going to mention it. But, he has thousands of followers lets say like hundreds of thousands. He got them in a time frame that there were really not too many people talking about these things. He has proclaimed that the angels are actually bad, they're darkness and they are the ones who are keeping everyone in the control. So, when I am teaching people for example of angels, there's been a couple or even sessions that I've had that I have to basically, you know, kind of mentor them through the fact that the angels are not in charge of this system of control and they are not what he is saying they are. He is even used for example some of the alchemy symbols that I teach in class and how to use them sacredly, he says that it's part of the cabal and some of the control as well. What are your thoughts on that RA?

T: Yes, I go back to Egypt, to that time. Akhenaten Tutankhamun changed Egypt, he brought back the power, the truth, the golden light, he brought back the oneness, the sacred alchemy, and what is a more dynamic way of changing this light is to parade it as darkness? To take some of the symbols and change them just enough, just enough that people think that what they are looking at is the same but it is not. And it changes their DNA, it changes their mind. This is the same group if you will, the same entities that back then destroyed Egypt not once, not twice, but time and again. And they are doing it again and they do know they are intelligent, they do know the truth, they do know the alchemy, they know the power. They use it, yes they use it. And it is because they use it that people are attracted to it because part of them remembers! They remember the beautiful truth of it so when it's close enough, sounds right, but does it feel right? They still follow. It looks right but it doesn't feel right. They still follow. This is what is happening. And the more people open and are aware of these symbols and alchemy and beautiful awakenings, we couldn't hide forever. We hid long enough but enough people are awakening and it will come true. There will be more light but people will, that is part of it yes. They are attracted to taking down the light, we must be aware of this, this is still the truth. We're still here, yes. 

A: Is there any advice of what we can do when there are thousands of people or even for example with him or others you know twenty thousand, fifty thousand, hundreds of thousands of people following this and thinking that it's like you know, solid proof, like a Bible, solid information and they're not going to deter from it. And just like you said, it changes their DNA when they believe this false light information. What can we do? What advice do you have for us that see the dark beneath these teachings or information?

T: Teach people to feel in their hearts. The more they go in their heart, this is how Tera made it, she dropped into her heart in one moment and she remembered, she remembered. And that's the part is to REmember in the heart. And all of these people, the more we can teach them to feel in their heart, the more their eyes will open and their minds and they will see them for what they are. Not all will, we can't, they have their journey. But more and more when opening the heart as you do. That sacred beautiful spinning vortex in that heart. It sends a message out more than our words can, deeper than what we realize. And while they work on the mind's cause that's how they get in, we work with the hearts. And that's how we bring light. Work with the heart. 

A: Looking, as you know I'm a seer, looking at say the lightworkers who have awakened and looking at how many follow say, Luciferian agenda and follow word for word for example, "the angels are the dark". It is such a high percentage of them that are following this word for word and believing it and not, it is a very high percentage.

T: Yes and as you've said very beautifully, "word for word". They are hearing that it sounds good. They are not in their hearts. And the more they hear it they get blinded. The hard part is when we work with the heart. It doesn't always bring many followers. It's on a different level. It brings the right followers. 

A: Yes

T: So the masses might be blind for now. They might hear the sounds that sound good. But we awaken their hearts form a different perspective, from a different moment, from a different time. And once they walk into that moment and their heart opens they start hearing a different tune, a different frequency. The frequency of light instead of the frequency of lie. But aren't those two kind of similar? This is what I am saying, light lie. People get stuck on lie and don't go to light. We get stopped because we are not in the heart. And our words are powerful spells if they come from the heart. The right followers yes will open up the many masses in due time.

A: In due time yes, well...

T: Yes, yes the pendulum has gone from one extreme and is now coming back from another extreme. And in the way, people get lost on their way down back into the center. They do get lost. We have to be okay with that. Timing like you said is happening and as more people awaken in the heart they will see, they will see. I see them turning, I see masses like you say masses, following in the wrong direction. Seeing what they thought was the truth, these beautiful sacred geometries, these beautiful lights, they thought that they were the truth cause part of them are and they spark that part of them and then they get lost in that. But I see them turning around. I see many of them turning around and facing the correct way. Coming towards the light and away from curiosity that leads them the wrong way. Curiosity is good but when we complete our curiosity in knowledge and stick to that, we lose out. And people think that they are in knowledge when they are in curiosity that is taking them the wrong way. They will get curious this way though. 

A: That is exactly what brother Metatron talks about often to me. 

T: Yes

A: Thank you. 

T: Yes. 

END of conversation on this topic.


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