Session - Children/Teens A.U.R.A., R.A.A.H. & Reading
Session - Children/Teens A.U.R.A., R.A.A.H. & Reading
Session - Children/Teens A.U.R.A., R.A.A.H. & Reading
Session - Children/Teens A.U.R.A., R.A.A.H. & Reading
Session - Children/Teens A.U.R.A., R.A.A.H. & Reading
Session - Children/Teens A.U.R.A., R.A.A.H. & Reading
Session - Children/Teens A.U.R.A., R.A.A.H. & Reading
Session - Children/Teens A.U.R.A., R.A.A.H. & Reading
Session - Children/Teens A.U.R.A., R.A.A.H. & Reading
Session - Children/Teens A.U.R.A., R.A.A.H. & Reading

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Session - Children/Teens A.U.R.A., R.A.A.H. & Reading

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When picking your date and time the calendar will adjust to your time zone. Please check the Booking details for important details before choosing a date.

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Quantum Galactic Akashic Reading, Teachings | Support | Reading For Gifted Children/Teens (20 yrs or younger), 45 mins:

As a parent, are you looking for spiritual guidance for your gifted children? Do they need divine direction and support? AuroRa has worked with 100's of children through guided meditations, and 1 on 1's. With love and support, assisting children to realize that they are beautiful by learning how to balance and activate their abilities further. That there is nothing wrong within them and the detail they feel, sense and see around them.

Have they been classified as bipolar, ADHD, ADD, depression, Autistic... This generation of children are just sensitive and activated to the energies around them. Guidance through meditation, crystals and acknowledgment aid in balance. Our children are high vibrational beings who have chosen to incarnate in aid for Earth and its people, with their wisdom, knowledge, vibrations, love, and light. They are our teachers, here to shake the world up! 

Book a live video recorded with AuroRa, "Quantum Galactic Akashic Reading". Let's travel into your Akashic Hall of Records! Channeled guidance from your Higher Self, guides, angels, and galactic family in what consists of your soul, galactic races, soul blueprint, and connection to your mystical friends like dragons, animal totems… Teachings on how to further your gifts assisting you in walking your most organic timeline. Ancient wisdom and alchemy.


R.A.A.H. Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing, For children/teens newborn-20 yrs, 60 mins:

Who and what can R.A.A.H. be performed on?

Clients of all ages, all animals, the land, and homes. Examples: our own children whom received immunization shots, our spouses who are not or are partially awakened, our animals who have illnesses, those in Hospice to aid their transition...

What is mentioned below through A.U.R.A. can also be conducted during a R.A.A.H. Reiki session, if the higher self allows.


A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing Technique, For children/teens newborn-20 yrs, 3 hours (this date will be set up manually after you purchase):

During the session their higher self will only show the children what is safe for them to remember and know. As a parent how beautiful is it to give your children the opportunity to self-heal now? We carried into our adulthood our immunization blockages, traumas, and entity attachments... What a joy it is to assist your children to not have to carry these burdens within. Instead giving them an opportunity to see clearer than we did. 

A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing Certification is an Entity Removal Technique, which birthed forth from the Universe's sacred mysteries, and knowledge. Assisting you profoundly, in learning to walk a most organic path, with a deep understanding and connection in how to remove yourself from the 3D Inverted A.I. Matrix. Truly, ‘A Guide To Ascension’.

Other Hypnosis Practitioners that have received an A.U.R.A. Hypnosis session are astonished at the difference they have felt because of the beginning sacred energy work sound bath, in agreement that energy work is essential before a past life regression session is conducted. The combination of the Sacred Angelic Energy Work, creates a bridge for you to connect to your Higher Self. This is the difference from other regression techniques. The key being, the energy work is done before the Hypnosis induction begins 

Can A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing, past life regression, entity removal heal the Covid-19 Vaccine? YES IT CAN! Read below all that it can begin the self-healing in. Depending on how many Covid-19 vaccines and boosters you have received, and how long ago you have received these, will indicate how many A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing sessions you will require. Some can self-heal through the first session, and some will need two or three, varying on how ready they are to allow the surrender for their self-healing.

Keeping our clients anonymous, click here to see some of the people who have already self-healed the Covid-19 vaccine. You will see them speaking through these video testimonials beginning from 2021, among others who have not received the Covid-19 vaccine, but you will not be able to tell that they have received the Covid-19 vaccine because they are already self-healed.  

Being that A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing is an ENTITY REMOVAL technique, it is profoundly able to bridge forth the list below of self-healing during the Body Scan:

Damage from all types of vaccines, A.I., illnesses, disease, vision, dental health, regrow teeth, age regress 5-15 yrs, DNA repair, blocked or misaligned chakras, issues with auric field, negative cords, negative implants, hooks, portals, removal of entities, Reptilian Consciousness or Archons, fragmented soul, removal of negative contracts, and traumas from current or past life.

Clients at times are able to begin the self-healing process of illness, cancer, diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Epstein-Barr Virus, disease, disorders, grow teeth, heal spines, blindness, tumors, hips, organs, bones, expand spiritual gifts... 

Illnesses are energy imbalances and blockages that have manifested within. Our body tries to speak to us through these signs. Examples: cancer being unexpressed emotions turning into anger. Diabetes, lack of sweetness/love in your life. Arthritis, holding on to something/someone very tightly, not releasing. Throat Disorders, not speaking your truth, fear of speaking out.

We have found that entities, A.I., and negative energies we hold within us through both our physical and energy bodies, are the root cause of illness. Once these inversions are released, the body is then able to reach the high enough vibration to begin its journey of self-healing. Being that, what was once energetically clogged, like a river needing to be in flow is no longer stagnant. Allowing an infinite flow of the client's organic Love-Light to once again freely channel through the vessel, metamorphosing the body back into its original, organic, pure, soul blueprint. In turn, self-heal oneself.


Booking details:

When viewing/picking your date and time ensure to keep scrolling over until you see an open date, the calendar will display your current time zone. When scheduling an A.U.R.A. session for a child, you will choose the available date shown, and AuroRa will contact you with your choices to the accurate date for the session. The meeting will be on the application called Zoom, please download it prior. Test the camera, mic settings, and make sure your device is fully charged.


For legal purposes: Aurora is not a licensed physician, please see your Doctor for health concerns. 

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