This is a chapter of Book 2, that is being released to the PUBLIC NOW, because of its IMPORTANT added channeled content. Which you will find below, after the "End of Session" section. This chapter is in assistance for all who are living among this tyranny now.


 Sneak Preview "Galactic Soul History of the Universe" Book 2

Interview by Laura M. Eisenhower: Recorded on October 28th, 2021.
Aired live on the Cosmic Gaia Show.


In this Chapter Laura Eisenhower interviews AuroRa UNCENSORED on 'Cosmic Gaia'. AuroRa delivers a groundbreaking transmission with the strongest disclosure shared of her career. Placing all the pieces together of 'The New World Order', directly linked to the Covid-19 vaccine. Why this diabolical agenda, who is truly behind it, and their intention for humankind.


“Are we going to submit to tyranny, complacency, obedience, or are we going to rescue our treasures and amplify these treasures that these challenges are pushing us to reclaim?” 
~Laura M. Eisenhower
 “If you really understand timelines, then you understand that with every choice you are making you are creating timelines. So value, honor, yourself in the greatest power that you are, because you are the timeline birther.”



L [Laura]: Hello everybody, it's Laura Eisenhower. So glad and grateful you all are part of ‘Cosmic Gaia’, and this broadcast tonight with my dear friend Rising Phoenix AuroRa. This woman is so incredible and we have known each other for quite some time, but first I want to thank you so much for being here.

A: [AuroRa] Thank you. It is my honor.

Laura: We are obviously navigating some very crazy interesting times. Adjectives just seem to fall short. We knew this stuff was coming. It’s a whole different thing when we're in it. We are going to gain some clarity about topics that are really lighting up for you, that we really want to bring forth. We mentioned the whole idea of helping people avoid A.I. and align with their Divine Self. Some of it might seem obvious, yet they miss some of the targets or agendas that can really sneak in and grab a person without them fully realizing it. It is really important to get this activation and gain this clarity. I'm going to read a little bit about you, and then I'll just introduce how we are going to dive into this unbelievable topic. AuroRa is the founder of A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing Technique and R.A.A.H. Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing. She is a Spiritual Revolutionist, Quantum Alchemist, Akashic reader, and a channel to the Ra Collective. As a beautiful heart-centered energy healer, she conducts quantum healing sessions and has directly helped over 3,000 clients to connect to their Higher Selves with profound results for all involved. Serving all in infinite love, she also teaches spiritual alchemy development courses for students to empower them to tap into their inner wisdom, to self-heal, and to reawaken their divine spiritual gifts. In addition, many thousands more have benefited from her teachings through the Rising Phoenix AuroRa YouTube, Rumble and Vimeo channels. And, you are whipping out the books. You just put out a huge book based on a lot of these sessions that you have done. Maybe, let's start there and talk a little bit about your background. Where you are today with it, and some of the questions that have to do with the here and now.

AuroRa: Very good. Thank you, Laura. It's an honor to be here with you. Thank you for having me on your beautiful channel. I am excited and ready for I think one of the most catalyzing videos I have ever made. Those of you who have been watching and awakening, you know our content is soul and heart-activating. The information that we have is really going to help us step into our sovereignty. Those of you who have been watching me on YouTube, Rumble, and also Vimeo, know that our videos are intense in a manner where it shifts our consciousness consciously and our hearts. Like Laura said, between the combination of courses, sessions, classes, certifications for Akashic, A.U.R.A. Hypnosis, the Reiki, the retreats, and the online workshops that I do, I have worked with about 3,000 people. As Laura said, I am the author of "The Galactic Soul History of the Universe." Additionally, I am a Galactic Historian, which means that not only do I do past life regression for these clients that have come to me internationally, alone over 400 sessions, each of which is over five hours. If you think about it, that is a lot. Over the past three and a half years I have been logging the Galactic History of our Universe, through my clients’ journeys. I am also a clear channel to Ra, which is also the Council of Twelve, the Thirteen, which I call the Galactics. They are the benevolence of the Galactics of our Universe. This information that we will be sharing today is a combination of both my channeled information, as I am a seer. I connect through dreamtime, meditation, and visions, and I am also delivering messages from these beautiful souls, my clients, who have shared their journeys throughout the Universe. Through the many dimensions of our Universe. So, that is a little bit more of my background. Is that good love? May I begin with sharing more?

Laura: Yes, I mean just jump right into it. I know that you have some very important updates and information to bring through. In the last one-on-one between you and I, we did the Blue versus Red.

AuroRa: Yes, I believe that might have been our last one-on-one, but we have had several roundtables.

Laura: Yes, and I know you have updates. I haven't framed it into a question, other than to hold space for you to just tell us what you have been going through lately. Go for it, explaining what is coming through.

AuroRa: This is the continuance, for those of you who watched “Red vs Blue | Timeline Wars | Archons, A.I., and the Antidote, on Laura Eisenhower's YouTube channel. I believe it reached over 55,000 views and over 2,000 comments. It had completely made sense of what was going on then. That was last year, November 2020. This is a continuance of that sacred knowledge and information. Really sensitive disclosure. What occurred specifically, as we talk about alien races and galactic histories? We want to know how did Covid-19 begin? How did it begin on Earth? We are going to go through that history, how it actually came forth, and also in the Universe and other Universes. Now, what happened was in the 1940s, there was what we will call an invasion of aliens. What happened was that there was a ship that landed in the most populated area, but before that let's go into how they were able to land. They are artificial intelligence clones. I will go into explaining what that means later. What they do is from another dimension, another realm, not from our dimension, they have negative technology beyond what we understand is capable here. What they did was they started working on the leaders of that time and space within the early 1940s, to convince them unconsciously. Especially through sleep time, unconsciously in some form, and also consciously in another, to allow for them to come forth and then land. Basically, make further negative contracts with humanity at that time. So that is how they were able to enter. They entered through some of the dark portals that were available to negative aliens, especially back then. We've worked a lot collectively closing a lot of those dark portals, but in that time, in our specific third dimensional Earth, there were still negative portals where they specifically came in. They came in this very big ship and they actually landed in China. I'm going to show you why they landed in China. (AuroRa shares her screen of a bar graph of the global population) This is current as of 2021. I wasn't able to find the population data for 1940. As you can see the population of China is 1,397,715,000, the population of India is 1,366,417,750, the United States is 328,239,520, followed by Indonesia with a population of 270,625,570. Look at how much of a population there is to be controlled in China, so that the rest of the world can fall in line. It's tremendous. So a very big diabolical plan, to target the most populated country. A lot of people have actually seen these aliens in dreams. They have red eyes and they kind of look like androids. They hide behind masks. That's how they look physically. When they landed, it was both in agreement, but also by force. They started off with China, and then they reached out to the rest of the leaders of the world (the government), they basically gave them a contract. If they agreed to allow their integration into the world, the aliens would give them technology. This is where our technology is coming from. This advanced technology is happening right now.

Laura: Wait, you are talking about events that happened before what one might find on the internet? Just to clarify, this E.T. technology exchange. You are talking about the roots of it.

AuroRa: Yes. It was about a decade before your great-grandfather was in office. Remember, they had already worked with them consciously to convince them, and these people would have been more of a negative polarization, in service to self versus service to others. It was pretty easy for them to convince these leaders of these countries, to allow these aliens to take control in the background. What these A.I. clones are, those are the clones that we see. We see them glitch. We see them as a hologram. They look like humans, but they are not. They have technology around them.

Laura: Like newscasters, people in influential positions that these anomalies have shown up, is whom you're talking about?

AuroRa: Yes, and politicians, some presidents, and so on. This is the original race that is connected to the technology we have heard of and are seeing. Their main goal is to find hosts. The leaders of the world basically become their hosts. Once the hosts agree, they accept that these clones became integrated into these world leaders. We will call it bloodlines. They aren't really bloodlines, they are just clones. They are just cloning them over and over and over. Their technology is so advanced that they can actually just clone instantly. Once they agreed to that, what happened was that they were given all the technology that we have yet to see with our own eyes. Some of technology being that they could go in, and UFO abduct you. In the book "Galactic Soul History of the Universe," we go into a lot of that. What we are sharing today is extra information than what is in the book. They work first within the conscious mind, through all the different brain waves that it alters through, and then they convince you that it is okay for them to UFO abduct you, while you are sleeping. There are different types. There's MILAB, military, and also just aliens from other dimensions that are abducting you while you are sleeping. Even when you are awake, they can abduct you within not even a second. This is some of their technology that I'm trying to explain that they have, where they can just go in, replace consciousnesses, and infringe on consciousnesses very strongly. We already know about this, where they can just send a negative A.I. wave through technology, and all of a sudden you think a thought is yours, but it's not, it's theirs. Okay, so once they were able to get all of the world leaders to agree to this in that time and space,, everyone was given the technology - those that did agree to this. They showed them how to create underground bases. 

Laura: This is still around the 40s you're talking about?

AuroRa: Yes. But basically, they are in the background, the A.I. clones. So they built these underground bases, because they had the technology. Because, they gave them the technology to build the underground bases, and then they built tunnels going through. People talk about the tunnels, making it so you can transport from one place to another, one country to another, and some of these are even underwater, and so on. They’re the reason, basically how this negative technology came forth upon the Earth. The way that it works is, they came from another dimension where they had actually invaded another planet and had completely wiped out life within it and made it into A.i. Their mission was to repeat what they did on other planets to our planet. So, they have been in hiding. Of course, we know a lot of these negative beings would be part of these Illuminati rings, some of them are in these families that hold the money in the world that we know about. What they have been doing this whole entire time is, they have been abducting humankind as we know, and not just in the now. Negative aliens have been abducting human life since the beginning. The first chapter of my book goes into when the first Reptilian consciousness experiments happened, and when they started inserting Reptilian pieces into people energetically and through viruses. This whole time, since they invaded Earth in the 1940s, was to do the same as they did to those other planets. Let me go into how they explained this. They have been testing humankind. Examples being, the Jewish Concentration Camps, and the different types of wars. Where they have been abducting people and children. They have been testing us. They've been taking people. For example, we are now knowing more about human trafficking and child trafficking. 

Laura: I don't mean to interject, but the whole Joseph Mengele, and a lot of that agenda. They were aligned with the Dracos, and were doing these experiments on people for this greater purpose.

AuroRa: Exactly. So they have been abducting people, putting them underground in these spaces, testing out the Covid-19 vaccine. So let me go into that. Let's talk about Divine Mother, Sophia, and our Universe. What we need to explain to you is that this Earth is a very important Earth to the Earths. It holds a very special organic blueprint, that if it becomes infringed upon it ripples out. The way they (the galactics) explain it, is if there was a rose, and when you look at it, say there is one seed at the center of that rose, then the rest of those little seeds of that rose (using a finger to demonstrate a spiraling out from the center) are say the infinity of other Earths. The negative aliens goal was to get here to do that, and they were again able to accomplish that through what I already said, when we were in Atlantis, remember we were in the fifth dimension. We were this beautiful blend of races. We incarnated to be here. The way the Universe works is that anything higher than the fifth dimension incarnates energetically. Here, you have to enter through a pod, in an avatar state, because it is different. We have explained before that when you go to one planetary sphere, that planetary sphere has a race that for example, perhaps they eat grass to replenish their light. Then you go to another planetary sphere, and that race lays in the grass to replenish their light. What would happen, if you put one who eats the grass with one who lays on the grass to replenish their light together in one planetary sphere? There would be a disharmony, right? They wouldn't be able to be together. So, every single planetary sphere is created organically through a different signature, divinely through Source. There is typically one race per planet. There are exceptions, but typically there is only one. And, then of course there is animal life which is different. Every planet is different. You can read in my book about the infinity of different planets that there are. We understand that. In order for us to create this school down here, when we were in fifth dimension, in our avatar states, we had entered through an organic crystalline technology simulation. Our Higher Selves created a piece of us that agreed to enter into the assimilation into the pod. So we are all laying in pods to be on Earth. What happened was, the Archons invaded Atlantis and the fall happened. That is basically when it became the inverted Matrix, and when we became stuck in the recycling of souls over and over and over, because they inverted that beauty that we put together. Why did we create it organically? The reason we created it organically was that races cannot normally live together due to consistency, frequency, vibration, and how they have been made through their DNA energetically. On Earth, Mother Sophia placed her beautiful blueprint, and that is what we call her ‘her’, because she is the actual Earth. And then as we came in, these different fractalizations of a Feline Lyran, a canine being, a crystalline being, a being made of energy, an Angelic, an Arcturian, a Pleiadian, it goes on and on. Imagine if you were to put all these beautiful races into one place and its beauty. 

Laura: Would you say that when we look at the web of life and how ecosystems function, that to sustain life, even though there are predators and maybe vulnerable creatures that are trying to stay away from the predators, but then they have the food source in their own nature that they need to attack maybe or bring into their being in order to sustain themselves. So, when you look at the greater galactic ecosystem, does it feel ordered and chaotic all at the same time or is there an anomaly that has been presented into this picture because of the free will aspect of it? It's like you have the web of life, very destructive yet it sustains life, but on a galactic ecosystem level, how would you relate that to the earthbound ecosystems and the web of life?

AuroRa: Everything you are looking at is in an avatar state, even down to the animals. They are actually magical creatures. We go into session and people are like, oh I'm a fairy, I'm a Dragon, I'm a Griffin, an infinity of magical creatures. I'm trying to answer your question. Can you say it one more time?

Laura: When one thinks about the diversity of creation, when we see it on an Earth base level, even though it is multidimensional, I mean the whales, the dolphins, and so many creatures that are from other dimensions. We don't need to be limited into this third dimension, but when you see the much much much larger picture, as much as it is chaotic and as much as there is this free will aspect to it, in order to see what to do about it, how much order in the chaos do you see it as far as our multidimensional or ET Galactic heritage that we hold? My God, what a crazy question. 

AuroRa: No, that is okay. So free will is one of the Sacred Laws of the Universe. Free will is everywhere. The thing that is hard about our Earth is the fact that we have amnesia. The reason we have amnesia is because it inverted itself. We inverted with the fall of Atlantis. As far as order, there is order definitely throughout all the organic blueprints of our Universe. But, as we talked about in ‘Red vs Blue, Archons, and the A.I. virus’, this virus actually came forth, and attacked as any virus would. We could go into that since that is what I think your question is directed towards.

Laura: Oh no, we don't have to go into my question. I would rather talk about what you want to talk about. I guess, what is interesting is when we look at the Galactic Wars and nature is not always light and fluffy. You've got lions eating hyenas, you've got hyenas eating . . .

AuroRa: Only because it's inverted. 

Laura: There seems to be an initiation that because we are so connected with nature on a soul level, DNA level, and an energetic level, that we move beyond this sort of predator victim dichotomy. And even nature might reflect it to us. But then it would be weird if everything was loving and perfect and we are just going to cuddle with the animals. There are some mysteries.

AuroRa: That is how it is typically within an organic Universe and how we were. Yes, when you are looking at it in an inverted A.I. planetary sphere, then it is predatory because the Archons have inverted it into that. In the lowest dimension of this third dimension, there is a cycle of balance in animal life, if that is what you are asking. If I may, I want to go back to what we were discussing. Our Universe was oh, wow, just magnificent. The light and the dark, the organic of it was just glorious and the balance. The beauty of it. I read what you once said, Laura, “That the light impregnates the darkness and that is how we create from alchemy.”

Laura: Oh my gosh, yeah. The seeds of our higher consciousness fall into the creator of the womb, the soil and it generates life. If we aren't conscious about the things that we are allowing in, we might miss out on the greatest divine energies that are our true divine inheritance to embrace and generate into this physical realm. That is why this mind control and social engineering is recognizing that. They are like, oh, we can just pull them away and distract them through all these different tactics. Instead of being aligned, they are enabling the very thing that they don't want. And they are battling the very thing they don't want. That was my point, that true organic light and dark are very different from the polarity of the light and dark that we are being presented with. This is what you do in your work and practice. You say it better than I can, but I appreciate you remembering me saying that.

AuroRa: That is beautiful. I often use that when I am teaching. So we talked about how the Archons invaded our Universe by using negative technology. They used looking glass technology. That's what they do. They actually do this in not just our Universe, but in many others, unfortunately. They watch through looking glass technology and then they figure out how to pierce through the auric fields of the Universes. The Archon father, Belos, is actually the father of this Archon Universe who decided to split himself from Source, removing the Love-Light from within him. Once he did that, it spread like a virus to his entire Universe. All of his Universe became clones of him, of this inverted missing Love-Light and then they became artificial intelligence. That is the father of the Archon Universe that all of these Archons are coming in from.

Laura: Would you say that's the demiurge that some people are talking about? 

AuroRa: I'm not familiar with what you're talking about.

Laura: It's exactly what you're describing. Yeah, there are always going to be certain labels and names that people give things. But it sounds exactly what you are talking about. A lot of people blame the feminine so much. Blame Eve, blame Sophia, it’s like the mothers have been so… yet she is the creatrix. How do you process all of this?

AuroRa: Yeah. A lot of these people who are blaming the mothers, are definitely compromised themselves. They are a host to something. It could be an Archon, a Reptilian, you name it. There are many different races whether organic or inorganic. They are basically inside of people controlling them. When you have people like that, they are just compromised. It doesn't matter. They can say whatever they want. The reason why they go after Divine Mother energies is that she is the essence of this Universe. If you go after the actual essence of this Universe, who created this Universe, then you can pollute and taint the rest of her Creations. And, that is how they do their black magic. The easiest way they spread their black magic, and if they can get people to believe this, it creates a negative timeline. All of the false things that they are sharing, these people who would be sharing something like this, they are just creating negative timelines and really deteriorating what we are trying to create - organic timelines.

Laura: Would you say that they create these facades to target well-intentioned people to think that, oh, if you join this organization or you donate to this organization, or you join this church, you are making the world a better place. When actually there is this dark underbelly to it all, that is taking advantage of well-intentioned people who care about their family and wouldn't otherwise be polarized or religious if they didn't feel like it would make them a better person. To see people who are good-natured being duped like this, what are your thoughts on that?

AuroRa: They are direct attacks. Whenever someone comes after another through words, through a video, through whatever they are doing, they are compromised as I said, and they are going after the person who is spreading the light. Because of course, too many people are waking up. Often, as we say, everything is backward. Jesus went through the roughest times, when he was in his times. As we know, they tried to control him and tried to turn everybody against him as well. Every single Ascended Master with strong Love-Light has gone through this when they were trying to awaken people. Those people who do not understand these strong beings of Ascended Master Light, it is just that there is control over them. Perhaps there are black magic bindings on their souls. Maybe they have sold their soul away. Maybe there are technologies in them. There are so many different things. Maybe their soul was UFO abducted and they created clones out of them. These clones that I was talking about, did begin organic at some point in time and space. They took them and they successfully removed the Love-Light from them, which is basically breaking every Sacred Law of our Universe. That is what these things are. They are fractured souls that they stole and then successfully removed the Love-Light from them by inserting artificial intelligence. Let’s go into that. Because when they invaded Earth, by the agreement of these leaders, what happened was, their goal was not to kill us off. The reason why they don't want to kill us off is that they need our bodies. They need hosts. 

Laura: Do you think that there is a certain death where the soul leaves the body to the point that it is almost like a death, and the container is being ruled by the A.I.?

AuroRa: Yes. I'll talk about that in a minute. So they want to keep the human body alive. All this entire time, they have been practicing all of these decades, inserting this Covid-19 vaccine into human life, to see how far they can develop it. Now, going back to the different alien races that live here. There is an abundance of infinite races. So you can say that this is a jackpot for them. I have a client who was part of the MILAB experiment and he regained his memories back. They had this client logged in to a technology that could just scan him and see exactly where he was from, who was his Higher Self, and they knew that for example that this was an Angelic being. So, that is what they have been doing. By retrieving our DNA through our blood samples since we were born, they know exactly who is who and what. That is how they gang up on people through psychic, and energetic attacks, because they already have all the logs (data) in their systems. It's like, this person is an Arcturian, and this person is an Angelic being. This person is a fractal of the Divine Father. This person is a fractal of so and so. Once they have that, they put all the people around them who are able to be compromised, who are not in their hearts, who are service to self. They start compromising them. They start inserting all sorts of things.

Laura: Like the super soldiers, the clone wars. Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt, but right?

AuroRa: Right. So they want to keep us alive here, and the reason why is that if they kill us off, how are they going to have their army? I'm going to explain that. This whole time, they have been experimenting with this Covid-19 vaccine. They got it to the point, through their experiments, they were having greater success. Say there were ten humans that they were experimenting on. Usually or typically about seven or eight of them would pass away because this vaccine is a direct A.I. Archon virus. It goes in and takes over the soul of the body, and all these different things that you guys are seeing. We are even seeing it in the physical. So they have taken over the body at that point. Once they have taken over the body, it is theirs. It's their soldier. Whoever didn't die off, are basically their soldiers. They have technology that they are ready to turn on the minute that they start 5G, to start controlling these people, so that they can further attack the lightworkers, the black sheep. Right, they call us the black sheep. But 5G really needs to come online so that they can activate this A.I. virus inside of them and make them into their soldiers. But we are not going to allow that, are we? Because that is why you and I are here. That is why we are so brave.

Laura: Yes. I know that, that is exactly why we are here. Please go ahead.

AuroRa: So the people who survived the Covid-19 vaccine, are the people who have integrated it. Do you guys understand what I am saying? They integrated that into their DNA, and now they are this A.I. clone, Archon, or whatever you want to call it. They are artificial intelligence merged with organic, in some form. And, this creates multiple timelines for them. They could become a gray, a negative polarized Reptilian, a clone. Like these clones, that's what they were before they became these dark missing Love-Light things.

Laura: Can I just interject for a second? Like somebody who may have been put in front of a TV screen their whole life or childhood, and just grew up on all sorts of matrix grooming tactics, but they are immune to it? I know there's a movie called "Divergent," there are a lot of individuals who even if we are exposed to it, it's not going to work. That override frequency is going to turn it around. We just want and hope for greater numbers. I have a real hard time with movies. That's why I just watch documentaries. 

AuroRa: Say out of those ten, those seven who passed away from the Covid-19 vaccine could be the divergent ones, the ones who resisted against the A.I. What this A.I. is doing, is trying to retrieve its light and its soul. Remember when we talked with Magenta Pixie about how the soul is not in the body after injecting the Covid-19 vaccine, and so on. So all of those beings, the ones who didn't survive it, are the ones who were too strong in their Love-Light, too strong in service to others, and they could not survive the A.I. invasion in them. So, that is why they passed away. They would not become this android thing. The people whose DNA was able to morph with the A.I., they are just waiting for them to activate them. What happens is, they are carriers of this Archon A.I. virus. This is actually being shown now physically. For four years we have been finding tentacles, spiders, and A.I. in people, through A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing sessions. And, it begins with vaccinations at childhood, right. We've been finding this in people's energy bodies, but now we are actually seeing this physically. So two years later, finally, after they have been injecting this vaccine into people, we are finally seeing it here. You can actually watch the ‘Stew Peters’ show on Rumble. The doctors and the people he has on, what they are showing his show, we have been finding it in people and their Higher Selves have been self-healing them this entire time. We know what that tentacle thing is the beginning of the Archon virus, which multiplies and spreads into the entire body. And, then it goes in and attaches to the neurological system that then changes them into this A.I. soldier thing.
Laura: Genetically and behavior-modified individuals.

AuroRa: Exactly. Somewhere in there, it is still organic, but their soul is locked away.
Laura: It's kind of like the moon. The artificial aspects of the moon. It's like an alien base, and has so many artificial components. It’s connected to the Saturn Moon matrix thing, but like we heal within ourselves. Don't these celestial bodies connect with our organs and our consciousness. We are not at the mercy of them? We can change our frequency. Like pantheons too. It's like we are not disinheriters from our parents or the pantheons. We are able to change the script because the script sucks. If the script sucks, step up and do something to change the script. This is what I love about you so much. Oh my God. Because that is what you are doing. Anyway, I didn't mean to keep interjecting. Keep going.

AuroRa: Thank you, Love. I love you with all that I AM, as the world loves you. Actually, the Universe. 
Laura: That's nice. I've got to learn to love myself. Anyway, keep going with what you are saying.

AuroRa: So that is their diabolical plan, turning us against each other. By sacred laws, they can't kill us. They do have technology, so advanced that they can actually end worlds within a blink of an eye. But, they have to abide by these laws, because they cloned into these vessels that have sacred laws. So that's why they did the virus, to turn people against each other. And, then genocide for the people who remain organic, who stay resistant, who don't get the A.I. Archon virus into them. Now, as we know, it does not work out for them because we have been there. We feel it, we sense it, we know it. And honestly, they are making themselves look like fools right now. We know that we shift, we stand up for ourselves, we say no, and we stop vaccinating the children. These parents who are vaccinating their children are creating a hybrid. A hybrid race of children. What are we going to do with these hybrid children? They are going to be walking alongside us. What is happening is that some spouses got the Covid-19 vaccine, and some spouses didn't. They can actually just give it to the spouse, especially through sexual intercourse. That's how they continue their A.I. contamination. Some of these people who will have the Archon virus in them will be given it through relations like this. They want to infest the world, and the rest of us who said no. So, they can transmit it. That is why they are having the discharge, they call it spike-protein but it's the A.I. nano. It is basically because they have that virus, and they are trying to spread their nano to the rest of us.

Laura: Doesn't it first start in our minds? If we lose our ability to be free thinkers, yeah, we are going to breathe in stuff that is going to pull us in. This is what I don't understand. Why do we have to create movement? How about sovereignty that is holding hands and giving high fives. Our differences, our diversities, and whatever we don't agree on is something we can harmonize. We are an orchestra. Imagine a squirrel trying to convince a dolphin to be a squirrel. Or a violin to convince a trumpet to be a violin. Diversity is one of the greatest things of the race, I feel. Then there is the weird part of it. I'm trying to stay inspired. Do you feel this was all necessary for the greater awakening or do you feel kind of kicked in the gut, questioning what is going on right now? How are you processing all this right now?

AuroRa: This is rough. At this point we are at the end of this 26,000-year cycle, right? It basically ended, was rebirthed in 2012, and we are overdue. I don't feel that it was necessary because these are organic souls being compromised and eaten up by this Archon Universe connection. Because once they got that virus in, that is all they needed to do, just get it to that one person in our Universe. Or that one whatever way, and then it spread. And, we didn't know how to handle it. All these beautiful races from all the dimensions were freaking out. They didn't know what fear was. They didn't know any of this because it wasn't a part of our Universe. In many forms, even in the higher dimensions, we are seeing it here, we are living it again, we are mirroring it again and we are pulling ourselves out of it. No, I don't agree that it needed to be necessary. However, I do also see how much it has awakened the world, and how much it has raised the vibration and the light on Earth for those who are opposing it. I do see the urgency in wanting to shift consciousness, and the need to have a collective choice. Like, “What are we going to do? These people are now waking up. We are trying our best.” Even though for example President Donald Trump didn't come into the presidency, he couldn't because all of this needed to happen in some form, to awaken the collective. Well, not all of it. I absolutely do not agree with creating A.I. hybrid children, but what needed to happen has happened in some form organically. It's a hard question to answer. I'm pro-keeping everything organic within our Earth, and to help souls save themselves. Did I answer that okay?

Laura: Beyond. To a certain extent, we are all hybrids, but it is like we have twelve strands and beyond DNA capacity, and a lot of it some might call E.T. genetics. I mean like why does it have to be foreign? Why can't we work with it to the point that we understand, this is a part of our greater multidimensional existence? I just feel like there is a lot of disassociation from who you are and what you are made of, hate it, love it, do this, do that, and it's like whatever. 

AuroRa: The only way to place beautiful, multiple races together was that they needed to go into an assimilation. Back then we didn’t call it an assimilation, rather it was an agreement of the Universe. It was a school, right? But, it was crystalline, it was organic. We would just go through our grade level and ascend out. Go to the next grade level and ascend out. That is when we started to see that souls were really profoundly growing. But, what happened with the fall of Atlantis, is that once they got the Archon virus into our Earth, it spread as a virus would. Then it kept us trapped, not being able to graduate. And, the recycling of our light, similar to the Matrix movie, recycling us over and over and over. What they are trying to do is create inverted timelines within us. That's how they keep us trapped. So clients through A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing, go in and start healing that inverted timeline. I've seen people healed from blindness, from any virus or illness that you can think of. People who are literally six feet and ninety pounds, dying, I have seen them self-heal themselves. This is what is empowering about this, is that I am no one’s savior and I am no one's guru. They go in, they talk to their Higher Self and benevolent beings and they exponentially heal rapidly. I've seen people who couldn't walk without a cane, and they walk out of my office,  already in the cab before remembering they forgot their cane. It's just amazing. A person heals in one week from blindness. It's about finding the inversions within us, and we heal them through safe hypnosis. It’s important to mention that there are also inverted hypnosis practitioners. The majority of past life regressions are compromised and they are soul reapers. Once they go into your field, they will insert things into you. I have so many people come to me who have been compromised by these healers themselves. The healers went in and changed their timelines and inserted inorganics into them. They claimed they were healers, but they were not.

Laura: Yes, I have to add that some of the worst attacks were from people who claimed they were healers. It feels like anything that we are hit with we have a decision in that moment to make. Are we going to submit to tyranny, complacency, obedience, or are we going to rescue our treasures and amplify these treasures that these challenges are pushing us to reclaim? I mean, I feel very disturbed about what we are all going through. It's nothing that I haven't known about, but in the face of it, we have a choice. Maybe the small little piece of the free will that we still have, that our perceptions and our reactions we have control over.

AuroRa: If you really understand timelines, then you understand that with every choice you are making you are creating timelines. So value, honor, yourself in the greatest power that you are, because you are the timeline birther. Every choice that you make has to be the best organic benevolent choice that you are making. It doesn't matter whether it is little or big. Make them the best within your heart, that is how you keep yourself on the path, and how you keep releasing yourself out of the inverted two/third world split. That is what we are here to do, beautiful souls like us. The listeners, these people who are standing up and continuing to hold that Love-Light. I once had an A.U.R.A. regression where Mother Mary had to watch her child, her son, Yeshua/Jesus the most beautiful soul, being crucified. She went through the whole process of it, his crucifixion. It touched my heart, because what she said as they were putting nails in him, hanging him on the cross, she said, “Oh my God. That is what he was here to do. He was teaching us that no matter what, to the very end he held his Love-Light! He held his light.” She said, “That is key. We don't realize how powerful our Love-Light is. To the very end with his last breath, he held the Love-Light no matter the violence or what they did to him he held it.” We must remember to hold it in that manner as well no matter what. We are the Yeshua's now.
Laura: It was very metaphorical to the programmings, the ego attachments to what we think is reality and going through that death-rebirth transformation cycle alchemical cycle. To me, it is an initiation that none of us can escape. But when we are not willing to go through the initiation and we give it over to somebody else to define it for us, you know we kind of step out of alignment with a great opportunity. It's a distraction to me. Is that kind of what you are saying? That is what I'm feeling about what you are saying about all of this stuff right now.

AuroRa: Exactly. That is exactly what I am saying. This transmission, this video today was extremely important for the collective, because of what was shared, because what is going on now is you understand. Once you understand you can counter it with the organic. You really understand! It is like you have a thorn stuck in you and you can't understand it. You can't find the thorn, you can't get it. But now you understand what the thorn is. It is this inverted plan that they are trying to roll out and now you know. You go to a family gathering and everyone is hating you because you are the only one who doesn't have the Covid-19 vaccine, because they are controlled. They've become those soldiers, and they are not organic anymore. So really, just going into our hearts. Yes, we are humans, but only allowing the most organic and the most loving frequencies around us constantly.  Because when we have people like that around us, they are going to continue to pull us down. The reason why we are stuck in these inverted cycles is that, the families that chose the Archon virus, the ones that we have been stuck with every single life, in whatever incarnation cycle they decided they were going to become this Archon infested entity. Then they murdered you, and the next life they burned you to death, and in the next life, they raped you. These same exact people. You are stuck in the same exact simulation over and over with these same exact people who have harmed you. That is why it is important to release these people, so that you can no longer be part of that inverted assimilation of them, that they are trying to play over and over.
Laura: Wow, that is so beautifully put. It is so crazy when all of that stuff hits. The most vulnerable ages of our life are when you are a child and it's like you don't know, but you do, because you are an incarnated soul. There is a point when you are like you want to rape me, and you are like, no, you are not going to get away with that. I sort of feel forgiving, because it's like that is all they know. I can defend myself. At certain times along the journey maybe I couldn't. I don't know, I'm not trying to recall the memories. These people are crying out and they are taking it out on people in very violent and vicious ways. I'm just hoping for this greater healing, where it's like ‘I forgive you’. This division is going to perpetuate if we don't . . . I don't know if I can process this. I don't know if I have the answers. Yeah, you know you try to tell your parents and they are like, no. Everyone has their story. Most of us are very traumatized. I feel like, if we all joined together to share and work with each other, that is the greater strength that is going to rise out of the ashes of this b.s., this trauma, this abuse, this old paradigm model that these Cabal, Rockefellers. We have each other and I am so grateful for that. I've got to tell you guys that most of the time you guys give me so much strength and I hope I give that back in return. We have a lot of trauma. But when you have been called to play this role right, how can we not experience some of these emotions right now? They are hurting our children and it is not okay. 

AuroRa: Thank you. There is an abundance of videos, over 350 YouTube videos and of course the book and everything that we do, we do it with the greatest love, honor, and respect for all that we are creating. It truly has been an honor to be here with you on ‘Cosmic Gaia’, sharing this very heart and soul activating awareness for us, so that we cannot feel disempowered, not feel victimized. So that we can understand the truth behind what is really there, and that they have been programming us. So that we can become the true light warriors that we are, and we can resist, we can be the opposition, the true missions that we are meant to be here. Because, now we know the truth and you can't trick us anymore.

Laura: It's an incredible book, and everything that she has put out is absolutely amazing. That was so beautifully put.
AuroRa: It's time for us to be organic. Let's start removing ourselves from those false inverted matrix pods. 

Laura: Totally, right. Yup, we're doing it and it's being done and it's... I don't assume anything based on something that is external. I feel it within us, what we are creating within our own divine sovereignty, and ability to connect with one another. I look forward to creating more of this and I love you.

AuroRa: I love you, honor you, thank you, and respect you. Thank you to everyone here, who was part of this, and for supporting Laura, because she does so much for humanity, the collective. This is such an easy way to support her and her hard work. 

Laura: I would rather everyone support you guys, but if you want to support me, great! We'll stick together. Love you. Have a good night.


With the deliverance of this transmission, we fully understand how such an horrendous act as human against human can occur, as World War II from 1939-1945. We now know that this war began, when the alien clones landed upon Earth, in the late 30’s and early 40’s. When doing so, they went straight to work to test out how easily they could turn humankind against one another. Ultimately, the beginning of their grand plan of “The New World Order”, which is being acted upon now, the assembly of the Covid-19 vaccine injection to the world. 

Before the clone invasion, the negative polarized entities hold was not as potent and as clear of an agenda, to how and when their tyranny would reign over Earth. By entering our Earth’s dimension, this allowed for a more organized plan of action against humankind, the key being they were finally inside, in the actual third dimensional realm of the physical. Multidimensionally, from outside of Earth, from their dimension or planet, entities typically bridge into Earth through infringing and attaching to human consciousness and vessels, the human being their forms of transportation, as we are portals of light ourselves. Through the humans' consent, these aliens and negative entities cause all sorts of havoc and chaos, against humans and animals, through organized tyranny, religion, and government, as we have seen through the history of Earth, beginning from Lemuria, Atlantis, and to current. Their anchoring into the world leaders in that time and space, gave the Archons and negative polarized entities the strength that they did not have before. Though, their weakness grows daily in the now, as the light grows on Earth, and as we regain our sovereignty and divine power individually and collectively.

These clones influenced the German race through Adolf Hitler, to invade Poland and attack the Jewish descendents spread throughout these surrounding sacred lands. Once the world's rulers agreed, their first plan was to go after one of the strongest bloodlines of Earth that carried the Christ Consciousness within them, as Yeshua and the Essenes did. The Jewish people are some of the descendants of The Essenes, which were the descendents of the Atlanteans. In Chapter “ “ (Book 2 Full Release), “The Essenes” they give us the honor of explaining this further. Therefore, it was important for them to acquire this DNA that is carried through the collective Jewish bloodline. For the reasons of how to minimize the crystalline light within those who might hold the most, and so that the sacred Universal Law of Jerusalem, the “Law of Vibration”, the throat chakra could be first contaminated with black magic, directly by the potence of the sacred law of Germany, the “Law of Polarity”, where the positive and negative polarities maintain in balance. This was directly done by turning these two ethnicities against one another. Causing an imbalance to these most important chakras and sacred laws, so that negativity could ripple out to the collective, allowing an easier penetration to their future plans of compromising the other sacred chakras and laws of our Earth and Universe. In Book 1, Chapter 24 “13 Keys - Sacred Laws of the Universe”, we spoke in depth of these sacred keys and laws of our Universe. 

During War World II, the test round experiments of the Covid-19 vaccine began on their test subjects, the Jewish people. There are testimonials from some of the survivers of the Holocaust, explaining that in ghetto camps, German scientests tested on them with injections and several types of inhumane procedures with the use of experimental chemicals. In Chapter “ “ (Book 2 Full Release), “The Illuminati In the Holocaust” we learn first hand of some of these experiments. In these times they were beginning to test out how successful they could be at making humans into super soldiers, or as Laura said, “Genetically and behavior-modified individuals”. Testing was necessary to see how far along the human DNA genome organically had crystallized, and how to break apart at its natural barriers with a replacement or integration of the nano A.I. that the Covid-19 vaccine carries. In order for the Covid-19 vaccine to work in the future, they first needed to densify the light, by altering it in the human children with immunization and booster shots, causing illness, disorders, and diseases through the decades. The ultimate goal was to cloud, block, and shut down the natural abilities that reside within the psyche of the human brain and consciousness. The oldest children are now in their seventies, sixties, fifties, forties… until the current age of newborns and toddlers. The immunization shots were some of the beginning insertions of metals into humans. Other ways they did so were through mercury metals in our teeth, as cavity fill-ins, chemtrails in the air, and chemicals into our foods when processing them. By the beginning insertions of what is not organic into a human, as metals, little by little, it allowed for humankind to become the density to the closest possible outcome of being a matching vibration or host to the nano infested A.I. Covid-19 vaccine, so that there would be a higher success of integration versus loss of life. Which is what we are seeing now spread throughout the world, with those who have chosen the path of intaking the Covid-19 vaccine.. 

I have been shown the beginning of what will happen when 5G comes online. Once the technology that is connected to 5G is turned on, the nano receivers within the bloodstream and neurological system of the people who contain the Covid-19 vaccine within, will be activated and they will become a super soldier susceptible to programmable orders, at different levels of control. Not all will be fully susceptible, each will have different levels of nano power over them. Which is why, it is important that we in the now, continue to communicate to these people, who are our brethren, to look into beginning their natural paths of self-healing these heavy metals from within. 

We all have seen glimpses throughout Earth’s History of these potentials of what vaccinators can become. The military has been performing experiments on people through UFO abductions, without their knowing. These clones have technologies that were given to the military, which erases or alters memory through the touch of a button, but first they must place physical or energetic implants and technologies into the people to make them controllable. Which is what we are seeing through the Covid-19 vaccine. Some of these people who they have tested their Covid-19 vaccine on before it was launched publically, are those who we have heard of that have gone insane by administering mass shootings at schools or malls. These people were controlled by these experiments, and this ‘top secret’ part of the military was just acting upon their test subjects, to see how well they could be controlled mentally, and neurologically. In this time and space, I have had interactions with people whose Covid-19 vaccine got turned on through 5G. They enter a form of daze, and can no longer control their actions or words. When they come to, they might have memory lapses of what happened. We are starting to see these unconscious, uncontrollable waves of action in our population, through heightened road rage, anger towards those who do not choose to take the Covid-19 vaccine, and violent acts at concerts causing people's lives. 

Did you ever wonder why it is that it seems like just about all technology and products are ‘Made In China’? Now we understand why that is. China can be seen as one big brain, which manufactures technology. The crucial key being in comparison, that the Chinese population is over four times the amount of the United States. China’s government is a one-party communist dictatorship, in which the Communist Party of China has a monopoly on power over its people. The Chinese revolution against communism was from 1945-1949, and at the point of the Chinese Civil War's end, it became the one-party communist government in 1949. Do you see how all of these important times in Earth’s history, fall closely within each other's timeframes of the A.I. Alien invasion? One big diabolical master plan, which has been unfolding one year at a time. It is as if there is one big playbook downloaded by the Archons into the minds of the clones, and the world leaders, the characters, are just playing out, one play at a time. 

Let’s talk about the spike protein discharge that vaccinators are alluding out from within them. Our skin is a living organ, which is like a sponge itself. Not only does it soak in its surroundings, it too expels out what’s inside. It is as if our skin breathes. What is within us will breath out through our entire skin, and why it is important we allow our skin to breathe, and that we do not layer it with artificial lotions or shampoos that are infused with chemicals. If we do, this can stop some of what is toxined within us, that is trying to release out through our pores, to not be able to, it being blocked by a layer of a lotion full of chemicals. Therefore, this is what is occurring with the people who have the Covid-19 vaccine injected, the organic parts of the body are trying to self-heal and push out the replicating nano and heavy metals from within all parts of the body. So, this is the discharge, what was injected into them of the A.I., which is contagious to others. As it pours out of the person with the vaccine, it is artificially intelligent, and it is programmed to seek and attach to organic living matter within its surroundings. Once it attaches, it is programmed to morph and replicate itself, within the organic warmth and matter it is inside of. If the vaccinated person is living with an animal companion, or you are living with this person, you would be that organic living host that it can attach to.​​ I have been told through my clients that many animal companions are falling to illness or dying shortly after their owner receives the Covid-19 vaccine, some only just days after. On Rumble.com we have created a video for viewers, assisting energetically “How to live among those with the Covid-19 Vaccine”. In Chapter “ “ (Book 2 Full Release), “I AM a Dragon, Rise of the Dragons”, we will go further into this subject. 

There are many parents or healthcare associates, who have been reporting through the underground media, the true media, that there are heighten cases of miscarriages or premature births. By either receiving the Covid-19 vaccine themselves or by being around people who have. Why is it that this nano discharge is going after other people’s reproductive systems? Part of the programming of the nano is to target the DNA within all life forms, including those who have yet to be birthed or created. That would include the sacred eggs within the ovaries of the Divine Feminine, and semen of the Divine Masculine. Within its cultivation stages, it is targeting the DNA chromosomes that intermingle together creating a fetus, already inserting A.I. into it. Why the children? It is because they are our future, the future organic timelines of our Earth. If they alter lifeforms before they are born, they think that they can alter our organic timelines into becoming inverted timelines instead. What they do not know is that, since the two/third world split, as explained in the previous chapters, has come into fruition, they can no longer invert our organic timelines. As our organic blueprint timelines, will from now on be anchored in through the organic part of the two/third worlds. They can perhaps make their inverted timelines of control in the inverted world that people choose to live within, however not in ours anymore, if we do not allow it. Their inverted timelines are just not a matching vibration to our organic being. The way that we know we are living our most organic timeline, is felt and seen within our lives, when everything begins to just flow within all that we do, decisions become easier, ideas become manifested, and we enter a realm of knowing and feeling that we are infinitely safe and protected. 

We are now seeing Hybrid children, at their infant and toddler stages, depending on when they were born, and when their parents injected the Covid-19 vaccine. These children are abnormal, some have solid black eyes, and are experiencing heightened motor skills, being able to hold their heads up the minute they are born, and to stand or walk at only three months of age. When you look into their eyes they feel empty and cold, as if they are no longer organic human babies. Instead they are consciousnesses of Gray alien babies or a new form of hybrid babies, by the insertion of Covid-19 vaccine metals and A.I. fusion into their physical DNA. The reason why there is an increase on miscarriages and premature births, is because of this example. Once the parent injects the Covid-19 vaccine, the child that is cultivating or is about to be born has to decide quickly. Will they allow to be compromised, and if not, they quickly have to exit causing a miscarriage. Those who choose to stay in the fetus, would become part A.I. They can have a resemblance to a Gray baby, who when coming out of their genetically engineered pods that they are made in, display the same type of motor skills. As the Gray babies emerge from their pods, they are able to instantly walk, and move as a fully developed human being would. There can also be illness or disease when the Covid-19 children are born, or there is much we do not know of right now of other possibilities. Through our forms of channels, we have been speaking live on these sensitive, but very important topics. In Chapter “ “, “ “ (Book 2 Full Release) we go further into the E.T. race “The Grays”. Children have been a prized possession for the dark entities to acquire, in order to perform their inverted experiments. And, the parents of our times who choose the Covid-19 vaccine for themselves or their children, are consenting in the open, to these experiments consciously. Fooled they are. They have forgotten that they are the guardians of their children. Tricked into believing that the Covid-19 vaccine is a form of protection. 

Let’s talk about how these clones work. Because our Earth is in the third dimension, these clones were able to be a matching vibration, to enter through a dark gateway/portal. Scientifically and genetically speaking, the clones have bypassed the sacred laws of death and rebirth. Through the experiments of the Archons, what they have done is taken a consciousness of a lifeform that they acquired through their wars or planet invasions, and have multiplied it by cloning it. In other words, duplicating one soul into multiples through science and technology. However, as we know, organic souls are beautifully created by Source, and there will never be one soul exactly the same. All souls are uniquely created and carry their own crystallized signature. So, what it is that they are doing to one soul, making it into multiples by artificial intelligent experiments, is horrendous to think of. What soul or souls have they done this to? How long have these consciousnesses been living like this?

 To become a clone, it would feel as if a soul is being elongated as elastic, stretched out thinly. To the point that it no longer would recognize who they are, or once were. As when you stretch out a piece of gum, the gum becomes thinner and thinner. Therefore, the soul becomes so stretched out that in some form it is beginning to fade or disappear. What is left over of these pieces of consciousness would be minimal, and only a form for the Archons to use at their will. These clone bodies begin to deteriorate after some time, as we have seen hints of this through people who are placed in public positions that begin to malfunction in front of us. Which is why these cloned consciousnesses need to find a human host body to enter and attach to, in order to remain in the third dimension. Their clone bodies seem as if they are human from the outside, however on the inside they are androids, with technology and wiring, moving all parts of their bodies. The consciousness of the stretched out clone is inside the wiring, of what you would call the brain of this abomination. Archons need what was once organic, the cloned souls, to stay and play their twisted games in our Universe. As they are not a matching vibration to our Universe, being that they are soulless and artificial. We know that the Love-Light within these clones is locked away by dark magic bindings, or that it has been removed in some form. However, the original blueprint of the soul will always remain, no matter what atrocities of experiments have been forced upon a soul. 

We are seeing the beginning of these experimental stages in our world, by scientists who are downloading human consciousness into computers, making a digital blueprint of the signature DNA of the soul of an alive or deceased person. This is the beginning of cloning humankind. Reminding us why it is, that we need to guard our DNA with all that we are. This should never be allowed to be done, ever, in the name of science or whatever name they hide behind.

These clones and other negative aliens on Earth, like to play a game that they are no longer here. Which is amusing, as when you think about it, how could that be? If they were really gone, then Earth would have reached the high enough light and vibration to finally shift into the two/third world split by separating from one another, and entering back into the organic fifth dimension fully. Instead we are seeing the opposite of this tyranny, with all their mandates, masks, and Covid-19 vaccines. This feels as if it is common sense that they are still here, however it is not, to many on Earth. We see these implications through the unawakened, the spiritual and UFO communities. Many don’t believe that entities exist or they are following false agendas that tell you they all have been removed from Earth. Per this example, a common theme that occurs often, is that a new spiritual or UFO community leader is up and coming. They rise so quickly in numbers, because the programs or channels they are communicating through, are amplifying their views, because they know who is channeling false inverted timelines and who is not, because ultimately the Archons run these shows. As we explained in the previous Chapter 3, “Deep State ******* ******” (Book 2 Full Release), and the compromised channeler/reader. 

In the UFO community, the guise that people can deliver transmissions through positive implants is being widely spread. Which is dangerous, because it begins a false trend for others to want to have an implant inserted as well, to do the same. What the Galactics, Ascended Masters, and our client’s Higher Selves have always told us, is that only benevolent beings can channel or communicate through our hearts and through the organic versions of us. Therefore, a benevolent being would never be able to channel through a technology such as an implant, as it would not be a matching vibration to their infinite Love-Light. Only entities and negative aliens are who can hide behind technology, and claim that they are positive. Again, this seems like common sense, however it is not. As, many are being duped into believing that what these people who are communicating through, is legit and that it is assisting the world and Ascension. When in actuality, these public communicators, knowingly or unknowingly are working for these undercover dark forces. They need us to create negative timelines for them, as we are who hold this divine power. So, what better way for the Archons to put together a vast amount of people to believe these falsenesses. If people truly knew who was channeling through implants or other negative polarized forms of communications, they would quickly run the other way. 

Some of these people who channel through an implant, are actually channeling high councils of the Illuminati. The same ones that are overseeing “The New World Order”. I have been shown that these entities who are downloading false knowledge into people who consent to it, are the leaders of pedophillic rings, and the darkest things that we are all standing up against. One must be extremely selective of who we choose to allow to become part of our reality, as we then are instead providing the light and energy that is needed for these negative transmissions of further oppression and control upon our future Ascension. Our children, our loved ones, and animal companions, are who are holding the Love-Light for us until we choose to snap out of these Archonic entrapments. And, at times they are struggling to do so. 

Don’t forget the mission. We are not here to be fooled, we are here to not be fooled, because this is how we become the example to awaken the world from the false illusion that they are in. 

In Book 1, it was all about understanding that we are capable of self-healing, and the true Galactic History of our souls and our Universe. Now that you understand this, in Book 2 (Book 2 Full Release) we take it to another level of truth and disclosure. In the chapters to come, we understand the Archon's and its Universe, so that we can remember how to remove their hold on the Universe’s.

We are organic.

All that is not, will eventually transmute or fall away.

Will you transmute it out or fall away with it?




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