A Deer Kissed Me On the Lips!

This is one of my most favorite moments at the Angel Oaks Retreat! The best kiss of my life, that is after my husband of course lol!


We were so blessed to stay on an Island full of deer who are the guardians of this holy land. And, the last day, right before I left, a very handsome deer came up to me, and I bent down to him and he kissed me!

The deer is a noble sacred magical creature, who's true form looks golden, with horns that are largely adorned on their crown in spiral shapes.

When the deer kissed me, the love felt vibrated through my entire body, and in that moment I had tears in my eyes because I knew he was thanking the A.U.R.A. practitioner group for healing their island, by removing the blood shed and the entities that had plagued these sacred lands.

South Carolina was where the English/Illuminati first invaded, conquering the giants with their negative technologies. They were especially thanking us for saving their deer race, because this whole time they had been having a hard time, holding the space as the guardians for this Island's pain since the invasion. When we arrived the deer looked sickly, thin, fur falling off, but when we left they looked healthier and stronger. They had been waiting for us this whole time!

Here are two videos were we speak of the Great Reset of Tartaria, and how they truly got into North America:

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