I AM Ra. I AM Ra. I AM Ra. Written 4/25/2020.

Within your time and space we are at the edges of our galactic UFO seats watching every necessary play come into fruition. This is a time that we as a collective have been waiting for throughout the universe and multi-dimensions of creation. Every move and decision being played out by each individual is required, admired and loved. For we honor every bit of your differences as together you create a united amplified force that is unstoppable.

The time is now to speak up of the injustices that have been played over and over through inverted simulated cycles. A time where you say "I have played this game on a broken repeated cycle far too many times, so much that the replay button is worn down. It is time that I hit fast forward overcoming the cycled control. For I am my own Creator".

This fake a.i. virus named Coronavirus has created an opportunity for the collective to seize every moment that becomes a glitch within the illusion.

We admire the way that you speak of these glitches and how you have said "NO MORE". We have been waiting for this very moment in time. The day that Earth's people realize that their sovereignty is their greatest strength for without consent consciously or unconsciously none can pass. The more that this "NO MORE" frequency ripples out through creation the more that you shift you and us higher consciously collectively. Exercising some of the 13 keys Universal Laws of Creation "Free Will/Solar Plexus Chakra", "Action Root Chakra", "Vibration Throat Chakra" and "Rhythm Sacral Chakra". Remembering these laws were created from the heart of our Creator the Divine Mother in aid of maintaining the universe's heart in balance.

Remember that the children are your heroes for they are whom will save this universe. They have taken roles that are unspeakable, intolerable so that you could come into a realization of all the control on your Earth. They took on the responsibility to birth forth so that they could come into your reality and remove the bindings over your eyes and the enclosing seals around your hearts.

Do not lose the momentum for this is the greatest awakening of Earth's history 2020. Where even the ones whom are perceived as closed minded have the beginning seeds of questioning their realities.

We have been with you since the beginning of this creation of the beautiful representations of the multiverse. And shall continue to be here for we are YOU. For all that you see around you are glimpses of memories of the races throughout creation, the humans, the animals, the plant life, the insects... When you look at these beauties remember that within every one of these codex's are found the mysteries of creation of the universe, YOU.

This is just the beginning, it has now begun. Prepare your hearts as they guide you through these revelations of infinite truths.

We love you, honor you, respect you and thank you!



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