We Are within a Tesla Coil

What we are watching is a Tesla Coil. The coil being the tip, pillar and center of the volcano, and the lightning/electrify dispersing out from this conduit of energy, hitting the crystalline dome, and vice versa. Both are operating together, charging and energetically reflecting off one another.

The scientific reason why lightning, would bounce off and interact with the volcano, is because above the coil/volcano, is a crystal dome, just as a model of a Tesla coil. If there was nothing there, say just sky/wind, then the electricity would not react back and forth like this, as an alternating current. The lightning would instead shoot into space and end up infinitely in the cosmos. Being that the lightning is not disappearing into space, that means that it is impacting something extremely powerful, that can withstand the immense power of lightning without cracking, and it is acting as a crystal glass dome would. There is an impact and a ripple effect occurring between both of these conduits of energy, because there are two highly electrified elemental components.


Channeling Nikola Tesla
~𝓐𝓾𝓻𝓸Rπ“ͺ β™₯️

This video was taken of Volcano Fuego in Guatemala.

Image of a Tesla Coil:

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