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I AM Aurora of the Galactics🔥

First off, take ONE big deep breath and exhale out. We greet you our most beautiful beloved brethren of Creation. Today we write this for you as your world seems as it is being turned upside down or right side up on many levels. We write this to remind you that you are infinitely protected by Love Light within your essence, the life force that gives you and everything life. Supported and protected by all benevolent councils of Creation that makeup the Galactics whom are YOU in the many forms of expansion that we all are. 

As the times feel that they are becoming too rough, please just remember that NO HARM shall come to you and your loved ones. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN, for we and you shall not allow so. Therefore rest your souls not living in FEAR, WORRY or Torment. The collective has spoken and is speaking now reminding you of this within your soul.

The negative timeline that the illuminati is trying to create upon your positive organic timeline of Ascension will not occur as it breaks every boundary of the Organic Cosmic Universal Laws. Your collective has reached peak mass awakening that outweighs the Fear of the unawakened. Including the ones who are going through the process of awakening that have yet to reach the frequency and understanding that; in order to aid a planet that has been long controlled by negative archonic forces, that first one must come to a realization of IT within the collective memory field. This understanding is at the beginning stages now.

If this was not met then WE and YOU the benevolent Beings of Creation cannot overstep the Cosmic Laws as then we would ourselves become malevolent. Now that this is and has been occurring it shall continue to ripple out creating the momentum that is needed for the final creation back to our organic 5D predestined timelines as individuals and the collective.

Remember to exist within awareness yet with such a beauty of an in-between where no matter what it is that you hear that you process it through your highest vibration of thought form and lastly through your heart.

"When deciding our divine path we must remember to conclude all thought form from within a frequency of highest clearest heart… Not of pain, worry, fear, anger for then our conclusion will match these frequencies." ~ Aurora

We together are creating, activating the coding within our souls mission, within the DNA structure of what makes up your Crystalline Body of the 'True Warrior of Love Light' that YOU ARE. 

Those who are speaking up for those whom have no voice. Who are in your own individual way speaking up for truth respecting all within differences. We humbly bow to you now from inside our Galactic Ships. 

"I respect you for all the differences that you are to me. Without you I could not be me because you complete the pieces that I am not. A most beautiful expression of Creation you are."  ~ Aurora 

The image below is an example and reminder of what it is that we don't want to repeat. The vibration of the face masks represent their forms of their black magic agenda. Below you will see images from the now and of the past where the African slaves were made to wear face masks, not allowing for them to speak. This dark energy then spread through Earth’s conscious memory field affecting and creating trauma upon people, connecting to the "Law of Vibration" Universal Law of the Throat Chakra of speech. For more on this Cosmic law and the 13 keys click here.



When looking for what frequency to tap into when you are being this 'Warrior of Love Light' and even among your Light Worker community you are finding people oppressing your speech. Remember that they just have not been able to reach the high enough frequency of infinite love that is needed to release all a.i. created bindings upon souls. We also remind you that when you are feeling anger from others that are trying to silent your speech. Some of these social media profiles are fake themselves with illuminati undercover acting as Light Workers. When they truly are just infiltrating Spiritual Groups placed there to oppress further and lower vibrations on high vibrational created posts that will awaken and activate hearts.

"I am a Sovereign Being. Do not take my love for weakness as I am far from that. I reserve the right to filter messages addressed to me because they are directly pertaining to me, if they contain hate, judgement, ill intent, energetic attack from your entities, or if you are cabal. I am strong and I know when vibration and intents mean harm. My superpower is being an Empath so that I may feel what intents are directed to me in harm. You cannot overstep my boundaries. Teaching infinite love with boundaries."  ~ Aurora

Remember to take deep breaths. Continue speaking your truth without feeling pain from those who speak from hate or anger, release, and just send love for you were there once. 

We love you, honor you and respect you.

I AM Aurora of The Galactics🔥


Join us every Friday Live as Aurora Channels a Galactic Update or Benevolent Being at 1pm USA central time on Youtube, Rising Phoenix Aurora. Hit the bell button to receive notifications when she goes live, like, share, and subscribe! 

For more detail on how to aid humanity through Ancient Sacred foundations of our Creation upon Earth, click the video below where Aurora Channels Egyptian Pharaoh Osiris. 

The foundation and creation of our organic construct - the story of creation of pyramids, grids, plasmic energy. How to use the gridding of the pyramid now to aid the collective?! What do each one of the pyramids represent? Connection to Peru? Reminder of our mission - why and what did we volunteer for - which key/which chakra did we agree to support and heal? Who are the Four Horseman and what they truly represent. What will happen with the Universal Ascension, "WE DO NOT Consent".

Crystalline Source bodies - what are we to do with them? Schuman resonance - what does it represent - how does it link into our daily lives. What are the Egyptian hieroglyphics - what are they meant for? The Emerald portal where they stood while channeling today - what does it represent.



                   𝓐𝓾𝓻𝓸𝓻𝓪 ♥️

Founder of A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Technique

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  • Paulette Clapp

    Sending love and light to the Galactic Council, I love you. , honor and respect all. And stand in our love light.

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