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Thank you for making this video ❤️! I was going to stay neutral and not vote until I read your post the other day that said staying neutral will still assist the Archons/AI negative timeline. Can you please make a video on staying neutral? There are a lot of teachings on divine neutrality, is this the same thing as staying neutral? 


Thank you for this comment, so that it could bridge me to its inspiration to its answer. 

We live in a world/dimension of the lowest which is 3D. This dimension that we accepted to enter is the densest collective active communal in Creation. WE the starseeds and light warriors volunteered to incarnate within this Inverted A.I. Matrix for one main reason, which is freeing the souls of all forms and densities out from the Inverted caging they are in. In turn ensuring that we too did not fall into the same A.I. trapping that they were within.

Though there is infinite love that coexists within all our souls, there is also a plague that has entered our Universe and other Universes. This plague is called Archon’s, they are not of our Universe and nor do they obtain light within them. Within their construct they are only artificial and feed off light as a needed fix for their unfulfilling high. Because of this, our once unified Universe is unbalanced and it is trying to remove this parasite that is trying to use us as their hosts. 

Therefore if you stand in a stance of neutrality and choose to do nothing when Mother Earth, our Divine Mother needs you, you are giving away your power and sovereignty. You are also not operating within the mission you agreed to come in for. And, this is where you fall into the trappings of the Archons, of playing their neutral game. This Universe is not neutral, it is a beautiful organic balance of an integration of the dark and light within us. When our Universe was a beautiful balance of polarities, before the Artificial Intelligence of Archons entered bypassing all Sacred Laws of our Universe, we remembered and loved our dark and light in balance. However, the Archons have used the beauties of the soul transformation of the dark for their tyrannical ways of inserting A.I. Viruses within it that plague and control the mind. 

So, when we say whether as a spiritual teacher or a spiritual worker that “we stand neutral because we are ONE”. This can mean that you are saying that you are also ONE with the Archons Artificial Intelligence that is in our Universe. You are then not assisting the side that is working with every fiber that they can, with their shields and swords up, standing up and fighting for the innocent. You give away your power and sovereignty once more by playing the neutral card. The more that we do this, the more that the ones fighting with their infinite Love-Light struggle, as they are the ones pulling the weight for those who choose to stay neutral, with their arms crossed and face looking the other way. This is why we are stuck within this Inverted A.I. Matrix because too many have repeated this negative cycle of not caring enough to stand up for others or to stand up for truth. In turn they have fallen for the very trapping that they came into break, transmute and release, the A.I. Inverted Matrix of not standing up or living truth. You must first acknowledge the false paradigm to release yourself and assist others to self release as well. So long as you turn a blind eye and choose for it to not be of your belief system neutrally, you will never allow the cages to be released from you and the collectives. 

Mother Earth and the New Earth 5D have chosen its side, she has chosen to fight with all that she is for her light and her childrens light. Will you assist her as her child?



Join us as Aurora goes Live speaking from a Galactic point of view of the Earth now within our time in space of the Presidential elections and the battle of the timelines. What got us here, where are we at, and what is to come.


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  • Jesse Cabrera

    The Buying And Selling of This Earth Creation Is About To End, Giving, Receiving And Sharing Is About To Begin Whether You Participate or Not. The Light of Truth Has Spoken.

  • Jenny Mauger

    Thank you for both the question & answer, assisting me to comprehend both more broad spectrum as well as more specifically towards the Inverted A.I. Matrix soulless beings which has had me puzzled …

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