Quantum Kids Bi-Weekly Social Hour
Quantum Kids Bi-Weekly Social Hour


This is for if you missed. family monthly service of $11


  • 1 hour group guided meditation for children/teens. Parents feel free to join in the guided meditation as well in the background. It will take place on the first Sunday of every month at 1 pm USA central time. On an application called Zoom, please download before session. Breaking down to 20-30 mins of guided meditation, and 30-40 mins of dialogue. Where the children can share what they saw, felt, sensed, experienced while meditating. Having the opportunity to ask Aurora questions and giving them direction appropriately within safety, in what they are ready to hear for their growth and balance.
  • Bi-weekly starting from 5/6/18 a group social time, not therapy, on Sundays for 1 hour at 1 pm central time. This has been created for the children as support, sacred, safe place where they can freely, respectably, with spiritual teachers supervision talk among each other of their gifts, their dreams, their visions, their experiences as the children of light they are!

Children are very close to my heart! From the beginning of my spiritual development, they would be placed in my path. Children who couldn’t focus, who could sense, see, and feel what others couldn’t, who were being tormented by spirits in their homes or in dreamtime, who could talk and see their deceased loved ones...

Parents being directed by doctors wanting to place their children on medications, asylums. Labeling them as bipolar, ADHD, ADD, depression, Autistic... Stepping in and explaining to them that there was nothing wrong with their children. Helping them understand that their children were just gifted. Teaching them to support them, understand them, awakening the parents to the truths of their children. Giving tools in how to aid them through meditations, energy work, crystals...

For several years I was blessed in being able to volunteer in grammar schools conducting guided meditations in classrooms. The clear connection the children expressed was astonishing! Within minutes they would travel to meet their animal spirits, dolphins, wolves, cats, bears, buffalos... They would connect so deep, feeling their fur against them, their breath, their support and guidance! The attributes that the animal spirits had, were a mirror of what the children were like and would need to draw from as their growth. They would travel to the heavens meeting Angels, Jesus, deceased grandparents, with messages of love and light for them!

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Quantum Kids Bi-Weekly Social Hour

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