Tier 3: Classes: Third Eye, Creatues, Archangels $44.44

Greetings! This Tier is centered on monthly Spiritual Development, consisting of 2 part,  3 hour total Live Classes at 8:30 pm central time. Time will be given in both classes to ask questions from the students upon teachings. 
December’s Classes will be on 12/9 & 12/23 "Angels". It will be required for you to take, 
Class will touch base on:
  • an overview of Archangels and different races of Angels
  • what they each represent, elements, overseeing roles 
  • Angelic Alchemy Symbols, to connect to their frequency and energies
  • what chakras the 12 Archangels are connected to and keys on Earth 
  • healing for yourself or others
Available now  to all, “The Third Eye & 12 Chakras”! Looking to safely and rapidly expand your Spiritual Development? This is a Spiritual Alchemy & Sound Alchemy Expansion Program packed with Ancient teachings of Benevolent Beings, and from Ancient knowledge of Atlantis, Greece and Egypt!
 (When purchasing this class in combination with an “Akashic Reading with Third Eye energy Work”, you may receive $20 off total. Message me for coupon code) 
It will touch base on: 
  • Sacred Ancient Alchemy Symbols that you will receive are created for each of these chakras:
  • The 6th Chakra, symbol from Egypt, awakening, activating and aligning your 6 senses.
  • The 7th Chakra, symbol of Creation, Creating the beginning of the strong connection to your higher self and the Cosmic Gateway of infinite knowledge.
  • The Inner Earth symbol, activates your spiritual skills and your divine love. Amplifying your 6 senses. 
  • The 9th chakra - from Arcturians. It will help awaken your souls blueprint, skills, your abilities. It will start awakening memories/knowingness from your past/future lifetimes. It starts activating your clairs. (clairaudience etc.)
  • The 10th chakra. It is from “The Gatekeeper of the Arcturians”. It helps you with completion, creativity/creational flow. Helps you gain your sovereignty back.
  • The 11th chakra. It advances your spiritual skills. This is when you start working with telepathy, bilocation, telekinesis and astral travel.
  • The 12th chakra. The Angelic Elohim 12 point star, Elder 13 Keys star. Connecting to the Cosmic Gateway, the 12 keys, Earth chakras, Earth’s Ley Lines, Cosmic Webbing and our Galactic Origin.
  • Bonus Infinty Viewing Symbol to amplify your Clairvoyance at its greatest!
  • Spiritual Basics through Meditation, Crystals, Mantras. With step by step guidance, using a combination of Sound Alchemy & Spiritual Alchemy 
  • 4 1/2 hour total pre-recorded Classes  
  • Itinerary with step by step teachings
  • Alchemical break down of the Eye of Horus
  • 6-12 chakra Alchemy symbols and techniques to develop 
  • Invisibility shields and energy forcefields
  • to open your hand chakras & “I AM Source” Creator Love/Light
  • activate your Merkaba 
  • different realms, dimensions
  • connect to your psychic gifts, astral travel, telepathy
  • how to scan with your Minds Eye for energy blockages...
Follow this link to purchase it:
Land of Beautiful Creatures: $77.77
Come discover the magic of building relationships with benevolent, high vibrational, mystical Beings! Journey into the Land of Beautiful Creatures!  Spiritual Development with a combination of Sacred Alchemy symbols & techniques. Learn Ancient Teachings from Lumeria & Inner Earth! Consisting of 2 part training videos, 4 1/2 hour total.
“The Land of Beautiful Creatures" will touch base on:
  • 4 1/2 hrs of pre-recorded classes
  • explanation to how the Inner Earth will shift for the splitting of the New Earth 
  • connect to the realm, where you will meet Griffins, Dragons, Fairies, Gargoyles, Unicorns/Pegasus, Chimeras, Leprechauns, Elementals, Elfin, Nifflers...
  • Adama from the Inner Earth shares what beautiful Special Creatures Live with them & an Inner Earth Alchemy symbol 
  • work and be attuned to the “Sacred Phoenix Fire” energies & Alchemy symbol with technique (same attunement as A.U.R.A. Certified Practitioners)
  • 101 on Dragons and how to work with Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Source/Star, Metal, Ether, Lava, Snow/Ice, Crystal Dragons...
  • Guided Meditation Lead by Aurora to "The Land of Beautiful Creatures”
  • Meet your very own Creature Companions
  • each Creature/Races individual Alchemy Symbols to connect to
  • work with their energies and magic on a daily basis
  • 101 on the elements that consist of them, their roles & their dimensions
  • fertility, transmuting, energetic rebirth, clear negative energies, awakening souls blueprints, elements, natural disasters, portals, abundance, heart healing & all Chakras, manifesting...
When you purchase this Tier, it also includes the Tier 1: Exclusive Videos & Live Group.