Sabrina Ganymede


I am a highly sensitive empath and trained intuitive who comes from a lineage of powerful medicine healers. My passion is to help people understand why trauma was called into their lives and integrate their wounds by uncovering the lesson (wisdom), so patterns can be re-programmed, sealed, and healed. I have studied Mediumship, the Akashic Records, energy medicine, breathwork, hypnosis, and NLP (neurolinguistic programming). I work with my Spirit Guides to see blocks in the body, and work with you to journey into these places to heal energetic patterns. Once your body feels like a safe place again, we call back all the lost parts of you (soul retrieval) so you can remember your true perfect self again.


Like most people who were meant to be healers, I have emerged from an adverse childhood (abandonment and abuse) and the resulting repetitive patterns of codependency, the empath/narcissist and victim/bully dynamic, depression, addiction, and other karmic loops. 


I have done the intensive work to integrate my inner child, untie the bonds of other people's stories, and healed ancestral trauma. I also did the deep spiritual work to forgive everyone who played a role (moving beyond victim, into the wisdom of gratitude). This was done through psychotherapy, journeying into the experience, and intensive inquiry and energetic body work. These experiences, and my training, have forged me into a Guide who can truly serve, and understand the experience and infinite potential of others. 


Some of her trainings are:


  1. Certified Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique (QHHT) Practitioner (Dolores Cannon)

  2. Certified Universal Regression Alchemy (A.U.R.A.) Hypnosis Healing Technique (Aurora Quezada)

  3. Advanced Past Life Regression (Mark Beale)

  4. Spirit Releasement Therapy (Mark Beale)

  5. Hypnosis Between & Beyond Lives (Dr. Karen E. Wells)

  6. Numa Breathwork Level 1 Facilitator (Trevor Yelich)

  7. Reiki Level 1 & 2 - Dany Lyne

  8. Akashic Records Reading - Teri Uktena & Ashley Wood

  9. Intuitive Animal Communication (Claire Bloomfield) 


Please book an appointment through her website:

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