Richelle Leigh Burns

Richelle Leigh Burns

I am the PartlyNormal LMT, just a simple retired Air Force Veteran of 22 years that began my journey as a healer officially in 2016 after attending massage school. I work with touch as well as energy and have incorporated sound, light and essential oils to small degrees.  I received certification as an Usui Reiki Level 1 practitioner in 1999 but then developed my own style as an intuitive energy worker. I am a certified AURA hypnosis practitioner and a RAAH certified energy healer. I am also a licensed minister through the Universal Life Church.

My overall love goal is to start the PartlyNormal Massage go as a non-profit traveling business with primary focus upon the terminally ill and their primary care provider offering free massage style services in hopes to restore some feeling of "normalcy" and dignity for the mostly forgotten part of our population when it comes to the general wellness community even if only for 60-90 minutes, think of make-a-wish but for massage.  The biggest reward for this would be tossing the “death bed” to the curb and returning the individual back to the world at large to function fully as they intend.  

I also offer RAAH individual and house/property clearings and services using the AURA hypnosis techniques.  I am currently stationed in the Seattle area of Washington state,but my plan is to travel to wherever the clients are located within the United States.  My Licensed massage practice is currently covered only in Washington State but I can offer sound, energy, light and the “laying on of hands” anywhere in the United States.


Licensed Massage Therapist, Washington State  License #MA 60743736

Quantum Alchemy Energy Healing (Isis Priestess) 2019

Angelic Universal Regressive Alchemy / AURA certified – November 2019

Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing(R.A.A.H.) November 2019

Licensed Minister Universal Life Church

BS Social Science with Education Emphasis, 4.0 GPA, Ashford University Feb 2010


Hypnotherapy & Regression

Welcome to the wonder of self discovery. The main components of any spiritual practice is to go within to find what our soul is truly about and what our purpose is within this journey of life we have chosen. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) and Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy (AURA) Hypnosis Healing Technique allows us to connect with that higher part of ourselves where our own personalized answers reside.

What are these techniques?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a style of hypnosis created over a span of approximately 45 years by the late and wonderful Dolores Cannon. Her career as a regressive hypnotherapist, working with thousands of clients in countries all over the world resulted in a unique technique where a client is able to access not only past, future and parallel lives, but the highest part of consciousness. QHHT focuses on the concept that each client will go to their most appropriate time and place to explore the information or self healing they seek.

While QHHT is only practiced in person there are times in life when traveling to the practitioner for whatever reason may not be feasible and that is where Beyond Quantum Healing stepped in to fill the gap. This alternative technique was founded in 2008 by Candace Craw-Goldman who worked very closely with Dolores and also created “The Forum” , an Energy-Healing Support Community where practitioners can further develop their unique gifts into a specialized practice.

Candace developed BQH which uses a completely different induction to achieve a state of hypnosis where guidance can be found. BQH can be done in person or online with the help of a good internet connection, headphones and a microphone connected to a laptop. BQH invites practitioners to utilize their set of unique skills to provide a unique session to each client.

AURA Hypnosis Healing Technique developed by Intuitive, Quantum Alchemist and Spiritual Life Coach, Rising Phoenix Aurora, takes QHHT and BQH a step further by incorporating energy work as part of the induction process. AURA allows for the integration of ancient and sacred alchemy symbols with energy work comparable to Reiki which allows for deeper relaxation along with a deeper connection to the subconscious or Higher Self.  AURA has proven effective for energy attachments and energy interference especially for those that have attempted regression before.

How to book and prepare for a session?

Before booking a session please note that each type of session may take anywhere from 3-5 hours and consists of two parts. Since it is your subconscious that determines the exact duration, it is important to book for a day and time where you would not feel rushed and when you would not be disturbed. This is especially true if booking an online session. 

Each session consists of an interview process where we go over your questions and discuss what our intentions are for the session. The second part is the induction process and regression. Our session is a private session, we need to feel completely safe and that your confidentiality in all matters is observed. For this reason it is important that we have full privacy and why no one else is allowed to be part of this process.

Please be on time for your session and wear comfortable clothing with minimal makeup or heavy fragrance. Please note that essential oils might be diffused prior and during your session as well as white sage so please advise if you are sensitive to either of these. 

What happens after your session?

Each and every session is audio recorded and a copy will be emailed to you promptly after completing your session. It is important to listen to your session for additional healing but NEVER LISTEN WHILE DRIVING. You may feel a bit groggy or euphoric after your session so it is important to ground yourself with healthy food and/or a walk on grass or sand preferably with bare feet. Avoid scheduling demanding activities for the rest of the day and rushing. 

Above all, have a wonderful experience and open up to the “what if” …

I really only have ONE rule, and it is more of a suggestion than it is a set in stone mandate.  I ask that you have the full confidence that YOU CAN DO THIS and that you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you.  To book a session please email me directly at


I am not a medical doctor and do not diagnose, cure or prevent any disease, and I do not practice medicine. As a Massage Therapist I am qualified to educate especially in the areas of kinesthetics. I am not a psychologist or counselor and do not treat mental illness or provide personal advice or counseling. All guidance and healing in the session is spiritual in nature and comes from client's own higher self and all healing is voluntary. 

About Richelle Leigh Burns, The PartlyNormal LMT

I never had a profound spiritual awakening event as some people describe.  I was born six to seven weeks premature in a time when NeoNatal unit technology was not the greatest.  At 3 pounds, 6 ounces I was placed in an incubator with unknown expectations for survival. 24 days with very limited human contact, any provided through the arm entry openings on the sides of the incubator, I did indeed survive but during that first 24 days a now obvious special connection with the “devine forces” yet to be named had been formed.  

I lived a pretty normal childhood, I have two sisters two and six years behind me, both also born in December.  I was born in the Valley of the Moon, Sonoma, California but at age 10 we moved to Port Orchard, Washington near Seattle. Up until we moved to Washington I had always felt a natural pull toward both masculine and feminine interests and expectations.  At age 10, on a rainy day in WashingNoSun that had to end as the world was not quite ready for someone like me, or at least my parents were not ready and Richelle was suppressed and Richard Jr. had to carry the public image for the next 30 years, but Richelle was not truly gone, I just hid my feminine traits that were considered “inappropriate” but she still had influence upon many areas nobody really assigns as gender specific.  

We were raised Catholic as per the tradition of my father’s family and a promise I made as the oldest sibling, at age 8, putting us on the Catholic path of spiritual education until after Confirmation at which time we could choose our own path of faith.  My mother had been raised mostly unchurched in the theological sense but she had a very strong faith and knowledge of the Bible and many Gnostic texts that would rival any religious scholar in that time. At one point our home had more books than our local public library and my mother had read or was currently reading EVERY book on the shelves.  The one thing my mother emblazoned upon our hearts and minds, not just in word but she lived by this very premise, it is not enough to just take the word of anyone else as to what you should believe, even a Priest or Minister can be misinformed, you need to be astute and study for yourself, especially the texts of your place of employment or worship, and develop your own understanding of the truth.  When it comes to God, develop your own relationship first, NEVER allow anyone else to develop that for you, not even your father or me. My mother did go on into private sessions with a Priest to accept the Catholic faith mostly to remain a faithful wife, but the bond she had with that Priest existed until his death, well after his retirement. She would argue with the old Irishman, often causing him to bite on the stem of his pipe, but the respect he showed her and the patience of a saint he must have possessed won my mother over and spawned a renewal of vows in the Catholic church for my parents.  My mother still rarely went to church but she was faithful to be at the Midnight Christmas Mass every year until her beloved Priest retired and any events or services her children participated in. She also instilled a strong sense that our relationship with our maker exists beyond any building and supersedes any doctrine. 

Fast forwarding to my High School years where I was starting to experience different church settings and faith systems as I floated amongst many different groups having no judgement toward any, not even the cheerleaders. I was mostly a band geek back in the day when the band was still considered “cool” but I could be seen with the Bible study group in the early mornings at the flagpole, having lunch with the Chess club on Tuesday, 4H on Friday, Monday outside with trouble makers, playing baseball after school, challenging the pre-school "latch key" kids to Duck, Duck, Goose or mixing chemical compositions in the Chemistry lab before mating fruit flies.  During these years I discovered that I was open to everyone and had no predisposed judgement of anyone. I learned how to "blend in" with whomever I was with at any given moment. I start by finding the common ground we share and then learn from the differences we have.  

After High School I joined the Air Force and my first assignment was to the foreign country of Albuquerque New Mexico, at that time many people only heard Mexico so I learned to just “roll with it”. I met my first spouse there and for stealing them away from the Air Force I was sentenced to the paradise of Keflavik, Iceland during the final and very intense years of the Cold War.  We had one and a half children while serving our two-year term with the Navy and my parole was granted back home to McChord Air Force Base, Washington. We had another one and a half children with our daughter being born after my return from Desert Storm. Later we discovered her physical ailments as the military had plans to move us to Italy. Due to my daughter’s “possible” unmanageable condition at an overseas destination my orders were canceled but there was a plan B.  Her mother contracted Seasonal Attitude Depressive Disorder (SADD) due to the lack of sunlight and the strain of caring for our daughter required plan B to become reality. I accepted a teaching position in Biloxi, Mississippi to bring more sunshine to our family life, literally and figuratively.  

This job required I travel a lot to teach the curriculum, thankfully, due to my daughter's medical needs they kept my travel to United States only, but it still placed great strain upon our marriage.  When I separated from my wife, Richelle was pressing more toward the surface of my daily life. After much research into my behavioral patterns and desires, I started down the Transgender trail, but very secretly allowing only a few people know anything about this part of my life.  I had also researched the Native American Two-Spirit belief which fit me a little better than Transgender. I had to keep it hidden as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and the eventual acceptance of being gay did not protect Transgender and I knew I had to retire to ensure my daughter always had medical coverage.

My next assignment was to another Mile-high city like Albuquerque, this one is called Denver, Colorado, but it was apparently better known than New Mexico.  I had remarried after the first one ended at 11 years. I was happy that this wife allowed for me to be a little bit more feminine but she thought it more a fetish.  After 11 months we split primarily due to contention between her and one of my sons, but we did so on better terms.

I could have retired in Denver and been happy because since the Seahawks moved to the NFC I would still have my opportunity to see the Raiders live once a year and my SF Giants regularly for baseball. The military is not always considerate of your happiness when a mission requires your body be relocated.  After only two years which included a "Snowmageddon" I was voluntold that I needed to be in Bangkok three months later. Nothing like ample time to prepare for an overseas move to include a family, an obvious court appearance in Mississippi and dropping my car in Seattle for shipment. It was again Chaos time, and I never missed a beat.  Had this been a normal assignment process(none of mine ever were),instead of rushed, I don't know if I could have been ready and away on-time. Nothing could prepare me for what would happen on this tour.

I had really opened up spiritually over the years since my first marriage ended, although I have always had an open channel to "higher sources" or God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Mother, whatever you call the Devine, I started to understand what before was all intuitive.  In a majority Buddhist country I learned enough to be respectful of their customs and ways as it spilled over into all aspects of their lives unlike the US where Church and State are Constitutionally separate. I had met and was "blackmailed" into a third marriage, a strange dynamic where both of us were keeping the other prisoner in some way.  She had proof of my Transgender leaning desires and I needed retirement for my daughter's sake. She was Wiccan and at that time I had just begun researching Wicca and Druidism amongst other Pagan faiths. When my three year tour ended I was talked into extending for a fourth since the Air Force had no assignments in the que for me. Year four would be the year we traveled more.  Being the lowest ranking enlisted member on our compound, I kept a busy schedule, babysitting 13 officers from all branches is no easy task for an E7 select. A month after I was notified about my promotion and two months after I had extended the tour the greatest tragedy to hit Thailand since the Tsunami, and I was there for that too, took place in my oldest son's bedroom.

Within a month of my son's services I became damaged goods and was given choice assignment anywhere in the States to serve out the remainder of my time as "damaged goods." I chose the East Coast as my wife's family and support network were all there and I had the Military to be my support as needed.  I tried to retire quietly, and was nearly successful but it is difficult to keep quiet when you provide only three months notice before you intend to depart. Yes, My passive-aggressive nature created some irony in my favor.

Since retirement I found my education degree was not getting me a job, maybe it was because of the gender transition? I had begun the official walk  as a "Transgender" and had no fear because I successfully retired. I used my GI Bill to enroll at ITT Technical Institute and pursued a Network management degree.  I landed a job as a help-desk operator for two months after which they cut my position.  

I moved back to Washington after my mother passed away on and started massage school.  I had contemplated this idea over the years, even discussed it in Mississippi when I was first introduced to Reiki and energy healing techniques.  I figured it was time to put my "magic fingers" as my friend called them to good use and have the government that disciplined me to be able to kill pay now to license me to heal. I received the nickname of the Sandwoman for obvious reasons, you get on my table and you will take a snooze, even the staunchest of protestors were subdued and they always felt better too. I also became very out-of-the-box with my approach even named a stroke to call my own, all in fun of course but I found my niche for sure and it was mote a sense of remembering over learning. 

I am not one big on routine or rhetoric, but I do believe in many foundational ideas which are in place for good reason.  Some are rigid, others by law and some just because they work regardless of who you are. I know each individual will be so unique which is why I build upon commonality when we first meet that gives us both a stable area in which to retreat when we get into areas that are more in obscurity if we are not all ready to plunge in with both feet.  Respect and an open mind are important but more than anything belief in yourself is the primary key. After all, YOU are the star in the center of everything, I'm just your PartlyNormal LMT.


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