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Greetings! I am now on Patreon! I have expanded focusing on reaching more in teaching “Ancient Sacred Wisdom & Knowledge” to others from the heart!

Click here to join Patreon and then Tiers option. Don't miss the dates!  

Thank you for following your heart to me! I hear so many beautiful stories on a daily basis, by people who comment on my YouTube Channel, message me or email me! 


"When I watched your video I just instantly started crying!"

"When I listen to your voice, I feel like I can do anything!"

"While I was meditating you came to me and healed my heart, and told me that I am loved by the universe!"

"When I was dreaming you came to me, created and gifted me a beautiful Golden Dragon!"

"Your Channelings wake up something within me that has been long lost!"

"What you say, touches something deep within me that just makes me feel like I am not alone, and that it is all making sense now!"

I am here in unconditional, infinite, compassionate LOVE for all! I thank you, I love you, I honor you, and I respect you!