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 “ Pain is certain, suffering is optional"- Buddha

I am a throat chakra activator, Channel to the Divine... Modalities I facilitate and/or certified in:

* A.U.R.A Hypnosis Healing Technique (Past Life Regression Healing)
* R.A.A.H - Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing 
* B.Q.H - Beyond Quantum Healing (Past Life Regression Healing)
* Quantum Alchemy Channeling Certification
* Quantum Alchemy Energy Healing Certification

I’d like to share with you a message I channeled from QUAN YIN on SHAME:

“Shame is the biggest distressor of human evolution. There must be a release, a release into being. How do you wish to be & how do others wish you to be? Do not be so quick to fall into the cyclic trap of shame. Just as quickly as light enters the body, so does shame shed off.”

(I then received a visual of how the energy of shame can leave through your very being and then light enters the body)

  • SHAME is a big topic for Quan Yin. It is something she speaks to me regularly about. She wishes for all of us to release these beliefs WE hang on ourselves. In today’s society, “SHAME ON YOU” is a phrase that is so easily thrown around for literally ANYTHING.
  • Have you wondered WHY?
  • What are the energetic implications of vibrationally sending that energy towards a parent, child, or friend?
  • How do we SHIFT from it?
  • YOU have the power to shift that programming of shaming a loved one - or even someone you’re triggered by, upset with, someone who’s hurt you.
  • No one else can make you do the work unless YOU have had ENOUGH.

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I am here to connect with you soon, much love and gratitude, LILLY 
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Here is a message from one of my Higher Self aspects (channeled to me with a drawing by Dana Grozdanova @intuitivesoulpaintings)

"Beloved ones, you have come a long away and you have overcome many hurdles and challenges. The inner reflections you were shown and the love you have brought into the parts of yourself that were unloved have made a great impact on the person you are in this moment. You have brought much light into yourself and you have faced the most difficult challenges you have ever encountered: the confrontation of your own pain and trauma's. It takes bravery and much self-awareness and self-reflection to be at the point you are right now. This isn't going unnoticed and all of the supporters on the other side are proud of you reaching this level of self-awareness and self-love. We are proud, the Universe is proud, the angels are singing and celebrating your achievements and you reaching this new height. You are finally starting to see yourself as equal to the light beings that are guiding you. The feelings of separation are fading and you are starting to believe in yourself more and more.

Now take the moment to stop and reflect back on the changes that you have gone through. Look at your process, look at where you started and the way that you have evolved in your awareness. How much has shifted for you in your mind, your heart and how your life has completely changed by the work that you have done on yourself. Like I said: this does not go unnoticed by the higher realms. But do YOU acknowledge how fantastic you are? Do you see how much weight you have let go of and how you have changed into this incredibly strong and powerful being?

Take this moment to be proud of yourself and your accomplishments. Be proud of the butterfly that you have become and admire your own colorful wings. You have worked hard for this, you deserve to take the credit for this profound work you have done with much love. Your inner reflection is one of full of love and passion. Let this be acknowledged by yourself now. Stand still and enjoy this moment of celebrating your journey and the result thus far.
The only way is up, remember this."


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A little reminder for everyone! -

"Theres nothing that the heart can't overcome, there's nothing that you can't get past. Don't lose yourself in the string of catalyzations, emerge once more - victorious, free, yet united. We are here sweet one" - Channeled by me 

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ASCENSION symptomsWhat IS it? 🌟What is it NOT?!?! I am constantly reading horrific stories and ascension symptoms and something had to be done, our mind body soul complex needs aligning. We have to do more than just attribute EVERY ailment, signal, and communication our energetic body is trying to help us with to simply

“It’s an ascension symptom”

I’ve heard it all- diarrhea, vomiting, stabbing pains, peeling skin, MIGRAINES ... listen in 🔥 this is for all of you from my heart always. I joined fellow Reiki and AURA Practitioner Kay Noble to tackle the big one...


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I had a DREAM I wanted to share, I woke up at 12ish am, went back to bed and it continued again...
"I was sitting working at my desk (white desk, white walls) and my mentor/boss/Aurora was in front of me standing. She looked concerned and wanted to make sure everything was working smoothly. I was in a large room with many scattered mailboxes, envelopes, Chutes (like the deposit drive through air tubes at the banks) and I was making sure the letters and notices were all going. I knew there was a communication problem, a lack, and it HAD to get done. I’d finish sending letters then tell/ask Aurora things like, “what about now? ... Did that one go through ok? ... see it’s going” , etc."
end of dream
I knew the information was important and that communication at this point was PIVOTAL... When I spoke with Aurora about this she stated it represented the downloads of information light workers need on the Coronavirus to shift (especially from fear) and for them to know the next steps we need to bring forth for self and our communities 🔥 

Let's all work together in shifting, returning to our purest form.


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🔥  FEAR- that WORD, FEELING, EXPRESSION that creeps up into our being, preventing us from flowing, moving, navigating into the very fabric of our path- and for WHAT? For a glimpse at separation, disempowerment, lack, denial?

How does is serve ME?
How does it serve YOU?
And for the love of all the divinity within us - HOW can we cleanse it, release it, and move ON? 🔥

As the saying goes, “say when!”


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