Kay Noble


Is a Certified AURA AND RAAH Healer a Certified  Reiki Master. A Priestess of Isis and a Clear Channel.

All I do is from Love! Love is my superpower!

I am here to help all in releasing what no longer serves you. If you’re feeling confused about your path or you are needing a healing I am here for you.
I’m so thankful that you followed your heart here. I am honored to work with you on your journey to health and higher self. You are Love and Light

Quantum energy is Love.By loving ourselves we are able to affect great change and achieve balance in our lives.

I was led to AURA HEALINGS in 2019 When my head was full of many troubling dreams, memories and I was feeling confused. I had a Trumatic event in my life which stimulated my pineal gland and I began to awaken.
The angels made themselves known to me during a priestess class that I took online with Aurora. And my life has been magical every day since. If I can be a blessing in your life you have only to ask. I wish you peace love and light.

Namaste Kay

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