Julia Dechen

Hi there!

I'm a practitioner in San Francisco Bay Area, California, and I help good souls all over the world understand their gifts and purpose, heal, break free from blocks and limitations, and express their true self in their work and life.

I practice two forms of Quantum Healing: A.U.R.A. and BQH.  My sessions usually combine the best elements of A.U.R.A. and BQH plus Angelic Reiki, and are designed to address a specific client's unique needs.  (An A.U.R.A. session can be done in its "pure form", if desired.)

My priorities when working with a client are to deeply understand their specific situation and unique needs, and to ensure their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic safety.  Quantum Healing is very deep and personal work that often involves looking at trauma and opens us up to different levels of consciousness and other Beings, that's why creating and holding a safe and sacred space for a client is so important. 

I'm also an Akashic Records practitioner in the Soul Realignment tradition.  When a person is unable to have a hypnosis/regression type of session (due to fear, medications, physical or mental condition), an Akashic Record reading and clearing is a great option to get the answers they need and to remove past-life and present-life blocks, such as cords, contracts, vows, attached entities, implants, etc.

A lot of my clients eventually do both an Akashic reading and a Quantum Healing session, because each provides unique benefits and insights.

Learn more about my offerings on my website: https://www.WellWholeEmpowered.com/

And don't hesitate to schedule a free consultation so that we can chat about your goals and challenges and discover how we can work together. 
Many blessings to you!

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