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In Alphabetical order by Continent, Country/State, City


North America:

Kay Noble, Valdez, AK,

Alicia Hamilton, Pinetop AZ,

Deanna Brenner, Newcastle, CA.

Micaela Esparza, Pomona, CA.

Jessica Brown, Rocklin CA.,

Julia Titova, San Carlos, CA.

Alison Andersen, San Jose, CA,

Kristina Simpson, Santa Monica, CA. 

Roger Ung, Thornton, CO.

Daisy Arias, Kissimmee, FL.

Mercy Barriero, Miami, FL. on FB

Gladys Bermudez, Miami, FL.

Becky Gintonio, Ormond Beach, Fl.

Ana Alvarenga, St. Augustine, FL.

Angie Kempel, Claxton, GA.

Ivan Perez, Pooler, GA.

Marilyn Kallimanes, Wauconda, IL.

Beth Benoit, Basile, LA.

Lesli Duggan, Brusley, LA

Rose Garcia, Beverly, MA,

Katie Starr, Fitchburg, MA

Jennifer Willemsen, Detroit, MI.

Stephen Nsubuga, Byron, MN,

Ruth Vassey, Lawndale, NC.

Mirian Kemler, Hamilton, NJ.

Michelle Garcia, Geneseo, NY,

Maria Galvan, Ponca City, OK,

Leslie Romano, Leetsdale, PA,

Mary Tampah, Greenville, SC.

Gina Price, Hatsville, SC.

Cynthia Ritchie, Buda, TX.

Shristi Bhandari, suffolk, VA,

Lilly Espiau, Liberty Lake, WA, & FB

Richelle Burns, Port Orchard, WA, 



Mini Gulati, Burnaby, British Columbia.

Charlotte Sanders, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Carlos Guixeras, Toronto, Ontario.


Emma Walker, Sydney NSW,, 

phone: 61 0406 973 706


Heike Janßen, 38102 Braunschweig, Germany,



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