Alicia Hamilton


- Hello, my name is Alicia Hamilton. Certified AURA hypnosis healer and RAAH healing 2019.                              

- Quantum Alchemy Energy healing (Isis Priestess) 2020.                                      

- Certified spiritual healer from the James Van Praagh school of mystical arts in 2017.                        

- Graduate of Zero to Psychic and Mediumship from Dr Chuck Murphy, Ph.D               

 - Animal communicator and hands on healer. Sessions online as well as in person.               

I live in the mountains in Lakeside Arizona. 27 years of experience as a Registered Nurse. Psychiatric nurse for 13 years specializing in therapeutic communication. Learning about the mind/body connection working in psychiatry realizing that true healing starts in the mind and not in a medication that may only mask symptoms. Knowing that I could help more people as a healer than as a nurse I began my spiritual journey 5 years ago. My search began for the best healing modalities to learn and master for my desire to be of service to others. AURA hypnosis is a premium healing modality encompassing all that is needed to heal mind, body and soul. The connection to the higher self is established and strengthened during the session and continues afterwards. The energy blocks as well as any entities present are removed making progress in all areas where you feel blocked attainable. Many report increased psychic abilities developing as well as emotional and physical, psychological and spiritual healing.       

AURA hypnosis healing technique was developed by intuitive quantum alchemist Aurora of with the aid of Delores Cannon who is one of her spirit guides as well as the archangels. There are many testimonials from this amazing collaboration of beings on the you tube channel Rising Phoenix Aurora.

How does Hypnosis and Past life regression and entity removal help? It helps define your purpose in this life and to connect to your higher self where the answers  to your questions are. You find out how your past lives are affecting you currently. During the hypnosis session you directly communicate with any entities present and find out why they are there and what lessons they are teaching you.                          

Entities are not to be feared. They help us learn about ourselves and with the assistance of the archangels they are willing leave during the AURA hypnosis process by having soul contracts resolved and the lessons learned that they came to teach.              

Other methods that remove entities without  knowing why they came and if the lessons are learned enable the entities to return and cause further disruption in your  journey. Entities will block the connection to the higher self which limits the healing potential of the hypnosis which is why entity removal brings forth the highest healing possible.                                           

After removing entities many physical issues are resolved in the moment or soon afterwards. Emotional conditions like anxiety and depression and insomnia and addictions resolve or greatly improve. The Client has an important responsibility to continue to spiritually grow and raise their vibration or entities may return. If a lot of time is spent in lower vibrational emotions such as anger, sadness, or resentments the entities will be attracted to return as the lessons to learn are not complete.  

More than one session can be needed to be free of energies that are blocking you. Some of these energies may have been with you for multiple lifetimes.       

My own personal experience: I had my own experiences with entities having 3 entities in my heart chakra for many lifetimes. They were soul contracts that were no longer needed but they remained because they wanted to stay. I was able to be successful as a nurse and had empathy for my patients. It was when my spiritual journey began that I became aware of being blocked in some way. My abilities would come and go. Some days communicating with the animals was easy and other days not so much. I had a hypnosis session that was not AURA so there wasn’t any entity removal and knew that there was something missing. I found Aurora’s hypnosis videos and immediately knew that I found the missing piece. My life and abilities were so transformed that I knew that including this modality in my practice would best help others. In a session with my husband we not only healed him but also our dog Daisy who also had entities. With the permission of the higher self you can heal family and pets during a session. 

What to expect from a session: Plan on 4 hrs for the entire process. Don’t make any other appointments on the day of your session. Make sure that you have a quiet environment so your subconscious can give you the experiences and healing that you need. You do not want to feel rushed. First there is an in depth interview process so we can set the intention for what you are wanting in the session. Your session will be videotaped for later viewing and if you want to share it with others. During the session you must be alone because having someone else’s energy in the room will interfere with the session so it is not allowed. You will feel safe and comfortable during the session. The higher self makes sure of this. Approach the session with a sense of wonder. Be curious and trust in the process. The information in the session is strictly confidential. It is up to you what you share afterwards.                                                         

Please wear light colored clothing and wear a microphone because under hypnosis your voice may be quiet and hard to hear. If you have selenite you can place it on your right side and black tourmaline or a grounding crystal to your left side. Pick a comfortable place either your bed or a recliner that is in a quiet place. It is common to feel groggy and a bit dizzy afterwards which usually goes away in ten minutes. Drinking water is essential. Avoid demanding activity for the rest of the day.                                                           

After your session: I will email you information about shielding your energy and ways to optimize your healing afterwards. Your session will be emailed  to you and it is recommended to watch it for further healing. There will be information that you forgot about as well. Ground yourself with healthy food.    Maintaining a high vibration gives you the best healing results.                              

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and I do not diagnose. This is a self healing modality and the results vary from person to person. The spiritual healing comes from the clients higher self and is voluntary.

Costs for Sessions: $210.00

AURA hypnosis healing in person or online using the Zoom app. 

Contact for appointments


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