Mt Shasta Retreat - Live Reunion For All Alchemy Students
Mt Shasta Retreat - Live Reunion For All Alchemy Students
Mt Shasta Retreat - Live Reunion For All Alchemy Students
Mt Shasta Retreat - Live Reunion For All Alchemy Students
Mt Shasta Retreat - Live Reunion For All Alchemy Students
Mt Shasta Retreat - Live Reunion For All Alchemy Students

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Mt Shasta Retreat - Live Reunion For All Alchemy Students

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It's a reunion, come meet your beloved classmate's face to face! Are you or have you been an alchemy student of Aurora through her Alchemy Certifications of AURA Hypnosis, RAAH Reiki, Isis Priestess Program or Quantum Alchemy Channeling?

A tremendous value package with stay and meals included! Only 20 spots available book now!

Come join Aurora as she hosts the most beautiful transformational Spiritual Development Retreat that your heart shall attend. Aurora will be teaching debuting her new course of "Quantum Akashic Alchemy" that is created from a versatile of ancient alchemy teachings from the Kabbalah, Angelic's, multi-race of Benevolent Beings. Connecting you and teaching you how to go into the Akashic of the 88 constellations and beyond of yourself and your clients sacredly/safely. 

Get to know Aurora at a deeper level understanding why these Alchemy Certifications are intently divinely transcending for yourself and clients whom receive them. Most importantly come meet your spiritual tribe in which you shall make the most beautiful connections and life support group through the relationships of your colleagues. A life-changing retreat full of renewal and rebirth within the natures that await to embrace you and the sacred loving Alchemy teachings that will heal you and others profoundly! 

Root Chakra | Mt Shasta | Law of Action: This key is held dense by the building of fear/guilt/shame. There is much fear constantly created within these lands of the USA that hold the fear in the present/past time and space. Connecting to the overall general collective of fear of the Earth, when Lemuria sunk down into the ocean as California is part of what remains of Lemuria. For more information and to see which Universal Guardian/Archangel oversees this key/chakra, click here.

Join us in this most beautiful Spiritual Retreat Home surrounded by 8 acres of Nature and forest views. Sleep inside or outside in elegant glamping tents, becoming one with the natures of Mt Shasta and its energies within and below. On these manifesting creational infinite love portals to not only heal you but to also heal the collective through 8/16, 8/17, 8/18, 8/19/2020


(Other options available, meals still provided: 1 - bring your own tent for onsite accommodations, 2  - purchase only for the teaching & activities but stay elsewhere off-site once rooms are sold out)

The event consists of:

  • "Quantum Akashic Alchemy" Certification $444.44 Value
  • "Quantum Alchemy Channeling" Certification $255.55 Value
  • 1 day exploring and an amateur/easy level climb up the natures of Mt. Shasta
  • Energetic Alchemy Ceremony performed in the Mt Shasta Mountain and Attunement channeled by Aurora connecting to the Inner Earth 
  • Exclusive Live Channeling from the Inner Earth Telos People, open questions from participants 
  • Live Group Q & A for attendees hosted by Aurora 
  • Group AURA Regression session hosted by Aurora for all attendees to remove energy blockages, entities & implants
  • Complimentary morning Yoga preparing the body and connecting it to the mind/spirit
  • Professional Auric Photographer
  • 4 days & 3 nights stay
  • 3 vegan meals provided on full days, with the exception of last day only breakfast will be provided (Buffet style breakfast - organic hot cereals, hot and cold fruits and gourmet toppings)
  • After the Retreat, you will receive a group mentoring class by Aurora over zoom on Akashic sessions you’ve facilitated/completed. 
  • Images of location emailed once purchased


Click this link to watch a Testimonial from one of Aurora's Retreats Video Testimonial From The Attendees of The Retreat


No refunds available after 7/15/2020


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