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Inner Earth Galactic Guardian Adama

Live Channeling: Recorded on YouTube May 22nd, 2020. Galactic Ra Guardian Adama from the Inner Earth. The details of the a.i. virus how it sprung forth and the plan of the 2nd wave to come. What are the most infringed chakras/keys on Earth and why? What is the significance of special retreat locations like Peru, Sedona and others all over Earth etc. How can we assist on Earth? What are the Galactic wars based on in terms of keeping us constructed and balanced as Unity Conscious? The pyramids - Once again - what is the importance of their presence on Earth - there are 144 major ones.  What is Adama's RA name? Who are the Inner Earth People? Their story...

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Egyptian Pharaoh Osiris The Pyramids

Live Channeling: Recorded on YouTube May 8th, 2020.  We have included this transmission as it fills in some of the pieces needed for the understanding of how to assist collectively to balance Mother Earth. The foundation and creation of our organic construct - the story of creation, of pyramids, grids, plasmic energy. How to use the gridding of the pyramids now to aid the collective. What does each one of the pyramids represent? What is the connection to Peru? A reminder of our mission - why and what did we volunteer for, which key/chakra did we agree to support and heal? Who are the Four Horsemen and what do they truly represent? What will happen with the Universal Ascension, "WE...

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