1st Quantum Kids Group Guided Meditation/Social Time

๐Ÿงก We had an amazing time today in our Quantum Kids, Online Guided meditation! Special thanks to the supportive, loving parents that signed them up! Here are some of their visions/experiences during meditation! Enjoy!

First brave child to share was a 4 yr boy! Openly and comfortable he talked about seeing his animal spirit bats and how he traveled to the moon and could see all around him! As he held his pouch of crystals in one hand and then shared his crystals one by one with us!๐Ÿฆ‡

Second child to share was a 12 yr boy! He was on a beach where his animal spirit a cougar and his companion dragon came out of the trees to come join him on the sand! As he greeted them he could feel the cougars fur and strength! The dragon grew big and then shrunk! He described his color, features, his scales and fur!

Third child 11 yr girl, shared about a beautiful realm of all white energy with a river and bridge! Her spirit animal the fox!

4th child 9 yr girl, went to a blue planet with a huge rainbow building at center! The beings that lived there looked like from the movie Avatar! She said they were beautiful! All life was blue as well, the plants, the trees, the animals!

They also got to talk during social group time about their dreams, practices that help them with everyday life! Like crystal grids, energy bubbles... ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

We welcome your family to join us next time!

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