• Hey Ra, while there are many quastions i have for you, here’s one that I particularly have an issue with…

    You named as 3 graduates to 4th density on the STS Negative path are : Ghengis Kahn, Rasputin and Taras Bulba. My issue is that, to our knowledge on Earth, Taras Bulba is a fictional character. This creates some questions that hurt the credibility of the Law of One texts in the eyes of many a skeptic I would think. So would you please explain this one further for clarification?


  • I greet Ra in Love and Light.

    1) Can a description be given to the physical changes that will occur to the human body as it transitions to become Anu

    2) Is it possible to give any information about the 6 hybrid races and how we will interact with them in the coming years?

    3) It is my understanding that dark and light energy must be equalized in the universe. Small groups part of the Draconian reptilian race are now branching off, deciding to move toward the love/light frequency. If a large enough percentage of is race were to follow in this direction how would it affect the balance between the dark and light and the law of free will in this universe?

    4) I have learnt that we humans navigate between billions of parallel existances every one second. If a person has an illness such as cancer or a broken bone, is it possible to intentionally choose a particular time line or reality where the cancer or broken bone never existed, and in doing so, be what we understand to be “healed?” Does this concept also explain healing through the akashic and healing through regression techniques?

    5) If beliefs create and dictate what we experience in our reality, how far can this concept be taken. For example if one wanted to fly like the fictional character superman, is it a case of overcoming the human collective belief of gravity? At which point does belief meet the laws of the universe, or are universal laws determined by what we as a collective choose them to be?

    6) Can a description be given as to how physical objects keep their shape. Can one choose to change their physical appearance or the form of a physical object, just by holding a strong intention to do so?

    Love and Light



  • For those of us that have just begun our journey in the discovery of our higher selves and truth can you explain why some souls become earth bound after the release of thier human form? And how is best to aid them in returning to the creator, to god?
    Thank you


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