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  • Hi Archangel Metatron, thank you for receiving this question and for all the love support and healing you give. My question is about interference, what is the purpose of it? Since polarities serve their purpose, what polarity is negative interference mirroring? With my own experience I felt so severely interfered with these past few years, I feel lucky to be alive. I’m hoping you might be able to shed some wisdom and light on this experience. It’s been tough for me to find peace with it. Also, any guidance or steps on the best way to deal with this would be much appreciated. (I will try to send you information of my perspective of this experience in the time before you come to speak with us again.)
    Thank you so much, and love you, your last channeling with Aurora was so beautiful all of the messages you gave energetically and verbally-I felt in my heart and thus my soul-thank you. ❤️


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