Dolores Cannon Live Channel Questions

Greetings! It is my honor to share with you, Jesus/Yeshua came to me in Dreamtime asking if I would represent him, and many other benevolent beings with Channels from the heart! He showed me lines of beautiful spirits waiting for me to represent through a Channel. Therefore I will be focusing on doing an average of about 2 Channels a month! Excited to share their stories! Yeshua, Mother Mary, and Metatron are next in line. 

This is a video on a Raw Live Channel where Aurora Channels Dolores Cannon! Dolores tells us her heartfelt story of Creation, who she truly is, her higher self! Be ready to expand your heart and cry with her! Her connection and role she played for Archangel Michael, the honor, and love she has for him! 

She gives us updates on the current timeline of the New Earth! What are her thoughts now looking beyond the veil, with eyes not clouded. What is her true origins, her role now as the Divine Being she is! She answers questions for Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioners and from the public questions through email and Aurora’s website. Her views on online sessions, did she reach out to others regards it, do practitioners themselves need to be cleared and balanced of energies? Her view on entities now, their purpose, what’s going on with these disembodied spirits on earth, newborns, star seeds... Explanation of oversoul, higher self, contracts... More on the Angelics and the Ra Collective. You won’t want to miss this one! Enjoy!

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  • Which of your books would be the most relevant to read at this time?

  • To Dolores.
    What is your feelings and thoughts about the evolution of your work and the communications between QHHT and BQH practitioners? Do you feel that these two groups would benefit from collaborating?


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